Days Recap: Olive Branches.

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Victor gives Maggie a gift, Julie and Doug arrive for Christmas, and JJ surprises Daniel with a visit.

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At home, Brady throws down a Christmas card from his dad before getting high. He hides the drugs when Nicole arrives and says she knows what he's doing. She chastises him for hiding inside and invites him out. He turns her down and gets high again when she leaves. While having a drink, the butler brings down the gifts Brady hid. Brady gives him his gift and the day off. Alone, he finds Kristen's gift and tosses it in the fireplace saying, "I can't do this anymore." He leaves a note apologizing for not sticking around and leaves.

Victor sits in the town square with a gift. He remembers proposing to Maggie, and then her telling him that their marriage is over.

At Daniel's, Maggie surprises him with an early gift from Santa. Parker runs into Daniel's arms. Later, Nicole drops off Parker's gifts.

JJ curses in his room when he hears the bell ring and stashes something in a brown bag. Downstairs, Doug and Julie arrive. They're glad Jenn's letting Maggie stay there and can't believe the way Victor and Daniel are treating them. JJ overhears Julie's praise that Jenn saw Daniel for who he was. Jenn and Abby confirm to her that JJ has turned his life around. Alone, Abby and JJ share how they miss their father. They join the family and JJ plays "Silent Night" on the guitar. Outside, Victor hands Maggie the gift box. She's certain jewelry isn't going to change anything. He didn't get her jewelry so she opens the box. She asks him if he really means it after reading the note inside. Victor admits he's wrong and asks her for another chance. She needs his word and he agrees. They kiss. Inside, Julie speculates Maggie's avoiding an 'I told you so.' Abby's put off when Julie mentions she's better off without Chad too. Doug wonders why JJ ran off.

At the DiMera's, EJ and Sami don't know where things stand but he won't let Nick Fallon destroy what they have, even in death. He doesn't want the others to know that he knows. Abe arrives with Theo who apologizes to Sami for giving her earring to Ciara. Stefano asks, "What earring?" EJ thanks him and sends him off to find his gift. Sami's concerned over Stefano's interest in the earring but EJ warns her not to look guilty. Nearby, Theo tells Stefano that it's not the best gift. His mother told him that the best gift was family. Stefano agrees. Later, EJ asks what's wrong with Kate, Gabi and Sonny in the Santa photos that Sami's looking at. She realizes that Santa is the guy from the woods. EJ's concerned that someone can place them at the crime scene. Sami realizes the man saw Gabi with the backpack. Things are going from bad to tragic after EJ learns they saw the man again and lied to him. They hold each other and promise not to let this get in the way of the family during the holiday. She leaves with the kids. Alone, Stefano tells EJ about his attempt to make amends. EJ's not surprised Rafe didn't accept his olive branch.

At the church, Eric confides to Father Matt that he had a dream about Nicole slamming a door in his face. It made him feel sad. Father Matt thinks Nicole's moving on with her life and Eric's stuck in limbo. He invites Eric to the Christmas Eve service but Eric knows he's not welcome in the congregation.

Marlena remembers gifting Eric his vestments and gets up to leave Brady Pub when Roman arrives. She asks about Eric. Roman thinks he needs time. He invites Eric to mass when he joins them. Eric's not going. He wishes them Merry Christmas and leaves. Marlena worries that Eric and Brady won't survive what Kristen did. Later, Sami doesn't want Marlena to blame herself for the family not being together for Christmas. Sami and EJ text 'I love you' to each other.

Nicole bumps into Eric in the square and pretends to be shopping for Daniel and Parker. She doesn't want Eric to spend Christmas Eve alone and talks him into going to mass with her.

Daniel's surprised when JJ stops by on Christmas Eve to give Parker a gift. Parker pulls a train out of the brown bag. JJ and Daniel wish each other a Merry Christmas.

JJ returns home followed by Maggie and Victor. Jenn hugs Victor as Doug and Julie kiss.

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Eric receives an unexpected visit from Victor.

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