Days Recap: Washed That Man Outta My Hair.

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Kate and Gabi get a surprise when visiting Santa, EJ finds something incriminating, and Hope admits something about Bo.

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Father Eric arrives on Daniel's doorstep. He released himself from the hospital to say he's glad Daniel and Nicole are dating. They discuss clearing Eric's good name. Daniel finds it difficult not to let Eric know that he's not dating Nicole.

Nicole arrives at Miles' office. He's in a mood and asks when she's going to interview 'Father randy'. Nicole says the church is against it. Miles doesn't care. He thinks she lost her killer instinct.

Jordan gazes at past licenses at her room and flashes to kissing Rafe. She says it's all a lie and not fair to Rafe. She fondles a present.

Kate arrives at Rafe's but he's expecting Jordan. Kate brought gifts for him to give Ari, since she figured he couldn't get around. Rafe thanks her but he already shopped online and Jordan is coming by to help wrap. He texts to ask when she's coming.

Hope runs into Club TBD and breaks up Sami and Ciara's fight over the diamond earring. Sami shows Hope the earring which is more like a down payment on a house, Hope comments. Sami apologizes for scaring Ciara and explains to Hope that Allie told her Ciara had her earring so Hope delicately attempts to get it. When that doesn't work, Sami grabs for the pack and starts yelling. Ciara says it's not fair. "Anybody else would have to have a warrant." Hope finds the earring and returns it to Sami who is relieved. She vows to buy the kid some earrings for being such a hero. She goes and Hope confronts Ciara about the earring. Ciara admits it was a present from Theo.

At the park, EJ tells Sonny Sami told him what went down between her, Gabi, and Kate. Lucas interrupts. Sonny's late. They're off to see Arianna meet Santa. Lucas and EJ exchange barbs before the men go off.

From outside the DiMera mansion, Sami calls Kate to update her about finding her earring. Kate's glad and says Sonny didn't tell Justin their secret. When Sami invites her over to conspire, Kate says she's busy. Hope arrives and tells Sami about Theo finding the earring. EJ eavesdrops as Hope says Theo found it at Walker's Falls across the river from Big Rock. Hope finds it suspicious. Sami panics but Hope does a facepalm. She's overreacting. She blames the holidays. Sami says she must be excited for Bo to come home but Hope says Bo's not coming back. She doesn't know how to tell Ciara.

At home, Gabi gushes about hoping she'll never lose Will. They hug and Lucas and Sonny arrive. Will drags Lucas in to change the baby's diaper and Sonny lets Gabi know he hasn't spilled the beans about Nick's murder. They talk about EJ's attempts to learn the truth and Sonny says they're lucky they weren't seen. Gabi mentions Percy the bird watcher seeing them and how 'weird friendly' he was.

Back at Rafe's, Kate gives him his present, an autographed baseball of his favorite team the Giants. He's visibly touched. The moment is lost when Jordan arrives with a tree. Kate leaves in a snit and Jordan tries to go but Rafe wants to get to know her better. Someone watches the exchange from the open door.

Nicole returns home and finds Eric with Daniel. Eric says he's happy she and Dan are an item. Nicole tries to sound like a couple and when Daniel leaves, she says not to be long. She tries talking Eric into letting her interview him but he's against it.

At the hospital, Daniel talks to someone on the phone, asking what the next step is to finding whomever concocted the drug that was given to Eric.

From some island, Dr. Chyka accepts an offer over the phone to return to USA since Kristen's not around to stop him.

Gabi, Will, Sonny, Arianna, and Lucas arrive at the Horton Square to see Santa. They run into Kate who pulls Gabi aside to say they've nothing to worry about. They all get their photo with Santa - it's Percy!

EJ wanders through Walker's Falls with a flashlight. He finds Nick's backpack tag with his initials on it.

Daniel returns home and Nicole rants about Eric going through hell. Daniel knows. It's why he didn't contradict him about their 'involvement'. Dan knows Eric won't let her help if he knew she still cared so Nicole assures him, "I have washed that man right out of my hair."

In his room, Eric dreams of watching Nicole dance with Daniel. She shuts the door in his face when she sees him.

EJ returns home and tells Sami where he's been. He asks if she lost anything else by the river and shows her Nick's tag. She almost faints dead away.

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Jordan's mystery deepens.

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