Days Recap: Great Picture Of Justin Bieber.

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Sami fights with Ciara, EJ makes an attempt to find out what Sami's hiding, and Daniel learns about Jenn's date.

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From Sonny's, he takes a call from Justin. Sami grabs the phone and she, Gabi, and Kate try talking him out of spilling their murderous secret to him. EJ and Will arrive with the baby and everyone freezes. Sonny asks his father to meet at the pub later, and everyone awkwardly explains why they're there. Will assumes they're getting after Sonny for finding out about the surprise party. Sonny says that's not it. EJ suggests they sort it out. Sami tells Kate it's time to go do 'the thing; buy that thing'. They go and EJ asks Will to put the baby down so he can discuss his present with Gabi. EJ tells her to spill. She gulps. He says he and Sami have no secrets and asks to hear her side of the story. She realizes he's playing her and talks about Kate and Sami trying to run her life by offering her a modelling contract. EJ again says he knows everything just as Will interrupts. EJ goes and Gabi counts her blessings to Will.

Daniel arrives at the hospital and finds Jennifer and Liam discussing where to go on their date. Daniel jokes that with a name like Liam he hopes he's not a big Irish drinker. Jenn doesn't find it funny and Anne watches from the door as Jenn asks him not to comment on her personal life. She goes and Abe introduces Daniel to Liam. Abe says he just moved to Salem and is a genius at fundraising. It's awkward on Daniel's part when Liam offers to do lunch one day. Once Liam goes, Abe talks him up and Daniel gets jealous. "I get it. He's freakin' Superman."

At her apartment, JJ shows Theresa he's been recording their conversation. "This blackmail is over!" he shouts. Theresa reminds him her video of him smoking the ganja has a date on it. His recording doesn't. "Who is whose bitch now?" she deadpans. It's clear she won but he asks her not to send him on more pot errands because his mom will find out. Theresa rants about Jenn and that "simpy smile on her face." She threatens to out Dr. Dan too and sends JJ on his way.

Hope settles Theo and Ciara into a table at Club TBD. She takes a call and Ciara shows Theo she's wearing his present and takes it off and puts it in her bag. Justin walks in as Hope tells her caller she doesn't understand at all. "But that doesn't seem to make a difference." She's upset when Justin greets her but hides it. Justin gets her to talk. She says Bo's out of town on a project she's unable to discuss. Ciara made a wish he'd be home for Christmas and now she has to let her down. Justin says he and Adrienne are there for her.

Sami and Kate walk through the square and whisper about Sonny. They see him and follow him to the pub and argue about him telling Justin about Nick's death. Sonny says they're trying to make a case for justifiable homicide. They ask him to wait until after Christmas. He goes in and they wait with bated breath. Sami runs to find Ciara to get that earring. Inside, Justin's relieved to hear Sonny say nobody's life is in danger. Sonny says he has decided to keep this to himself. He goes and finds Kate waiting. She thanks him for keeping quiet.

JJ and Daniel meet at Dan's. Daniel tells him it's fine to let his mother move on with Liam. JJ can't do it. Daniel says this isn't one of the situations where the truth will set him free. JJ says it's finally clear...

Sami arrives at Club TBD. She offers to sit with Ciara while Hope goes to run an errand. Sami butters her up. "That's a great picture of Justin Bieber," Sami offers. "It's a horse," Ciara clarifies. Sami says she lost a diamond earring. She shows her the mate and Ciara holds her bag but insists she's never seen it. Sami knows she's lying and calls her on it. She offers to replace it. Their struggle over it is stopped by Hope's return.

Theresa watches Abe and Jenn discuss her date at the hospital. Anne pulls her aside and gushes about how glorious it was seeing Jenn and Dan go at it. Theresa grins and leaves to 'twist the knife a little'. She brings Jenn her new ID card and says she's happy to hear Jenn is moving on. She admits she and Dan were only ever friends but Jenn doesn't want to hear it.

EJ finds Sonny in the park. He says Gabi told him everything...

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

EJ gets an earful and confronts Sami with what he knows.

Ari visits Santa Claus.

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