Days Recap: Living Like A Nun.

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Sonny prepares to tell Justin the truth, EJ tries to figure out what Sami's hiding, and Jennifer has a date.

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Abby arrives home and tattles on JJ hanging out with Rory and Bev. She explains to Jenn that he told her he developed a reputation at school and they're his only friends. JJ arrives and flashes back to Theresa blackmailing him. He texts Rory to meet. "That bitch goes down today." He goes in and is confronted. He tells his sister and mother that Rory and Bev can be funny and cool but he's not using or selling and has no interest in doing so. They believe him but Abby vows to wring his neck if he breaks their hearts. Everyone leaves and JJ calls Rory, saying it's crucial they meet.

Theresa's shocked to find Maggie at the door. Since Theresa couldn't make the AA meeting, Maggie brought it to her. Maggie introduces Theresa's new sponsor, Juanita. Theresa tries making excuses but they make themselves at home. Later, they end the meeting with the Serenity Prayer and everyone files out but Maggie. She tells Theresa not to ask Daniel to another meeting. It's not appropriate since he's not in the program. She leaves and Theresa says she won't keep her from Daniel. She wonders where JJ is with her weed and starts typing about her "epiphany" about addiction.

At the Brady's Pub, EJ finishes a business call. Kate was eavesdropping and considers his 'psycho sister' left him another mess to deal with. This makes her positively happy and she gloats.

At Will's, he tells Sami he knows about the surprise party. Sonny was eavesdropping. Sami's floored. She calls it devious and underhanded and Will scoffs at how hypocritical she's being. She promises there'll be no surprise party and rushes off with Allie. Sami texts Kate to meet.

At the Horton Square, Gabi realizes Sonny knows about Nick but it's clear she doesn't know Sonny knows about the murder. Sonny runs to see his dad and Gabi gets a text from Sami to meet. She meets Kate and Sami at the park and Sami tells them about Sonny eavesdropping and that he knows they murdered Nick. Gabi tells them about her exchange with Sonny. "He's going to see his father!" They run to stop him.

Justin meets Sonny at Club TBD for legal advice. He asks vague questions about what could happen to someone who heard about a crime after the fact. Justin says it could be seen as hearsay. Kate, Gabi, and Sami bustle in and break things up. Justin heads back to court and they beg him not to tell anyone the truth about murdering Nick. They decide to take the conversation somewhere more private.

Adrienne visits Jenn in her office at the hospital. She ran into Liam Fraiser, the pharmaceutical rep. They agree he's really sweet and Adrienne tries fixing her up. Liam arrives and Adrienne leaves them alone. Liam asks Jenn out and she readily accepts. Meanwhile, Adrienne bumps into Abby by the hub and tells her about Liam. Abby agrees there's no reason her mother should be living like a nun. "Neither should you," Adrienne says. Abby's pretty cynical. She learned you should never trust men. Jenn and Liam head to the hub and Maggie arrives. She sees the exchange and Jenn admits yes, she's going on a date. Maggie tries to butt in but Jenn tells her off.

At the Horton Square, EJ makes another business call. Will overhears him angrily talking to Sami's assistant Rosemary. EJ says Sami's been distracted and Will says he knows it's because of the surprise party. EJ acts as if he knows about it and learns Sami ran off earlier to find Kate and Gabi 'before it's too late'.

JJ meets Bev and Rory at the park. He tells them he doesn't want to smoke pot anymore but wants to be their friend. He needs pot for a friend and asks them to help test something for him.

JJ turns up at Theresa's with a little grass. She bitches that it's not enough. He pretends to make a call but records their conversation. She tells him she wants weed and he thanks her. Now he has dirt on her. The blackmail is over.

Kate, Sami, Gabi, and Sonny arrive at his place. He calls Gabi hitting Nick with the rock self-defense but throwing him in the water after realizing he was alive was murder. He tells them to call the cops and asks if there were witnesses. Kate tells him people heard Nick and Gabi arguing loudly. They worry it'll seem premeditated. Sonny's disgusted. "Nick was a creep but he didn't deserve to die." Kate calls it an "ugly chain of events" they regret. They use the baby card but he still wants to tell Will. Justin calls and Sonny says he's ready to talk candidly.

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EJ tries to get information out of Gabi.

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