Days Recap: I Don't Do Pity.

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Nicole lies to Father Eric, Sonny lies to Will, and JJ lies to Jennifer.

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Jennifer arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and Brady says he saw JJ in a shady part of the woods. She looks sad but considers it might be innocent. She realizes she's been rude by not asking how Brady's doing since the break-up with Kristen. He shrugs it off and Jennifer admits she knew months ago that Kristen was with another man while they were separated and that she thought she was pregnant. Brady's shocked. Jenn wishes she had told him but Brady says not to blame herself and shows her the door. When she's gone he growls and reaches for some coke but puts it away. "I don't need ya."

At home, Abigail blasts JJ for hanging out with 'his druggie' friends. If the judge found out, he could go to prison. JJ admits nobody talks to him at school and assures her he's not on drugs but Rory and Bev treat him like a friend. Jenn returns home and sends Abby away before asking why JJ was in the park today. JJ covers and Jenn seems satisfied. JJ leaves and Abby returns. They discuss how JJ has changed.

Caroline drops by Theresa's to give her some Christmas Cheer but before Theresa can let her in she slams the door in Caroline's face to hide some weed. When she lets Caroline in, she claims to have been wrapping her present. Caroline finds that sweet. Theresa says she's going to an AA meeting tonight. Caroline's proud and gives Theresa an old ornament she made for her when she was a child. Caroline thought it showed promise and gives her a pep talk. Theresa's touched. Caroline thinks she should thank Jennifer for allowing her to stay in Salem and find a nice way to repay her for her kindness. Theresa almost throws up but smiles.

Father Matt visits Father Eric at the hospital to see how he's doing. Eric hopes these tests will prove he didn't have sex with Kristen willingly. Father Matt warns that the media will be cruel. If it becomes too much, the church would understand if he decides to leave. Eric knows the priesthood is his calling no matter the cost. Father Matt's proud of him and gives him the name of a friend who needs a photographer. Since Eric's suspended without pay, he could use the work. He leaves and runs into Nicole. She tells him she has forgiven Eric and intends on helping prove his innocence. Matt wonders if that's a good idea considering her romantic feelings. Looking sly, she says she'll make sure it never gets out. She visits Eric. He's happy she forgave him but wonders if it was out of pity. "I don't do pity," she says with a grin. It means the world to him. He asks how she feels about him now. She lies that she's over him and has moved on with Daniel.

At Daniel's, Nicole is about to ask for a favor when he takes a call about the results of Eric's CT scan. Victor shows up, miffed to see Nicole's living there. He perks up once he realizes this means Jennifer will think Daniel has moved on. It's better than Chloe the opera singing "whore." He asks Daniel, "When did you and Peaches here decide to hook up?" Daniel orders him not to insult Nicole or Chloe in his home. Nicole goes to check on Eric and Victor begs for Daniel's help with Maggie. She won't talk to him! Daniel reminds Victor what he did was cruel and though his heart was in the right place, it's no excuse. Victor thinks Daniel's on his mom's side but Daniel sees both sides and asks Victor to just admit he was wrong.

Adrienne interrupts Sonny at Club TBD just before he is about to tell Will that Sami, Kate, and Gabi murdered Nick. Sonny flashes to eavesdropping on the murderesses and clams up. He sweats and Adrienne fusses. He chalks it up to claustrophobia. Adrienne talks up Sami and how wrong she was about her, the Brady family and Will and Sonny. Sonny looks green. Adrienne leaves and Will practices his surprise face for the day of the party. Sonny calls his father to meet in private as Will texts Sami to meet.

Daniel meets Brady at the mansion. They talk about Kristen and Daniel asks if he knows who could have supplied Kristen with drugs. Brady has no idea and doesn't think her siblings would tell them, either. They're no further ahead. Daniel leaves and Brady mumbles about Kristen being a bitch before he snorts a line.

In the park, JJ calls Theresa to rant about his mom almost catching him buying drugs for her. She couldn't care less and asks for cocaine next time.

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