Days Recap: Still A Horton Hater?

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Sonny continues to hide out and eavesdrop, Nicole tells Eric she forgives him, and Dr. Chyka has an agenda.

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Both JJ and Brady walk into the woods to meet the same drug dealer but find each other. It's awkward and each asks what the other is doing there. JJ's meeting a friend. Brady's out for a jog and calls this area sketchy. Eventually JJ says he's in the wrong place and goes. The dealer arrives and Brady pays him for a vial of coke. Later, JJ returns, buys some weed and asks the dealer if he sold anything to a guy named Brady. The dealer tells him he never heard of him and says not to be nosy.

In his office at the hospital, Daniel asks Marlena for help tracking down the person who helped Kristen drug Eric. She recalls Stefano's scientist pal, Wilhelm Rolf, but thinks they parted ways. Marlena's surprised to learn about Eric's tests. In his room, Eric calls Nicole's name and asks if she forgives him. She pauses and tells him she does. By the hub, Anne gives Theresa filing to do and rants about how Theresa "doesn't do zip around here." Theresa admits she knows what happened the night she OD'd and hasn't told because it furthers her agenda. "So. You're still a Horton hater?" Theresa happily says she is but when Dan walks by, Theresa yells at Anne for being mean. Anne plays along and leaves. In Eric's room, his fever goes down and he feels better. Everything's better. He thanks Nic. Marlena arrives. Nicole offers to interview her for the piece on Eric but Marlena scolds her. It's a bad idea. She guesses that Nicole is in love with her son and thinks it could make things worse for him. Nicole denies it and after much arguing, when Roman arrives, she goes. Theresa follows Daniel to his office and admits she hasn't gone to AA meetings because she feels self-conscious. She asks Daniel to go but he refuses. She goes off to file and in his room, Eric wakes up and greets his parents. Roman goes and Marlena says Nicole was there before she leaves. He recalls her forgiving him. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to Daniel and asks him to take a short break. They take off to his place.

On some island, Dr. Chyka assures Kristen over the phone that nobody will be able to prove she drugged the priest. He hangs up and opens a briefcase with confidential documents. "In case of course it benefits me to reveal otherwise."

At his place, Sonny's shocked to hear Sami, Kate, and Gabi admit to murdering Nick. Will texts, asking what is happening but Sonny ignores his text and gulps. Sonny looks pained. He records the conversation and learns Nick was about to rape Gabi and the gory details that followed. At the club, Adrienne thinks Sonny was caught eavesdropping. She apologizes to Will for misjudging him and his family. He's perfect for her son. Will texts, "Careful! If you're caught, my mom and grandma just might kill you!" Sonny cringes. The ladies' carry on and the police show up at the door! They keep quiet. It's just Roman playing a joke on Will. Sami lets him in. Will's not there. He asks why they took so long to get to the door. They cover. Sami almost sees Sonny when she goes into the closet to get Gabi's coat. When everyone's in the baby's room, Sonny leaves the closet and hides behind the carriage. Roman leaves and Sami puts the chain lock on the door. She rants to Kate about helping Gabi while they search for baby cream. Once they head into the baby's room with it, Sonny exits through the window. Everyone returns to the living room and Sami feels cold. She closes the window and helps Kate keep Gabi quiet about the murder.

Brady goes home to the Kiriakis mansion and snorts a few lines of coke. "What the hell was JJ doing in the park? If that kid is in trouble again it's going to kill Jenn. It's going to kill her. It's gonna kill her. These damned kids," he babbles.

JJ meets Theresa at her place. He hands over the dope and asks her not to send him on another mission. He ran into Brady Black. She tells him to go to his greasy-headed friend or he'll go down.

At Daniel's, Nicole worries to him about the TV piece. She has a favor...

Sonny goes to the club and is about to tell Will the truth when Adrienne returns to the table asking what those ladies were up to.

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