Days Recap: Roving Lothario.

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Jordan and Rafe babysit, Will comes upon his mother, Kate, and Gabi conspiring, and Sonny thinks Gabi's hiding something.

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At home, Jennifer demands to know why JJ and Daniel are suddenly so friendly. JJ goes back to the dirty tricks he did to Daniel and Parker. Jenn blames herself for not bringing him home sooner but JJ takes the blame. If he wasn't such a jerk, Daniel wouldn't have been with Theresa that night. Maybe it's not too late for them? Jenn says Daniel's not the man she thought he was.

In Daniel's office, Theresa asks what happened the night she overdosed. She tears up, embarrassed and thinks she must have lied in order to make him come over. Daniel doesn't want to go over the past. She calls him a gentleman and feels guilty. She's not the same person since her OD and wants to make it up to him. He says it's not necessary but asks her to stay away from Jenn. She realizes he still loves her and plans on telling her family nothing happened between them.

Jordan takes a call from Rafe at her hotel. He wants to see his niece. She tells him it's fine and they hang up. She leafs through her various identification cards and tells herself she won't run. "I'm not gonna need these this time." She goes to pick Rafe up.

Sonny and Will arrive home. They call for Gabi. She's not home so they obsess a little and banter. They profess their love for each other and make out. Jordan and Rafe arrive. Rafe's surprised Gabi didn't tell them he was on the way. He holds the baby as they discuss how happy they are Gabi changed her mind about moving to New York. Rafe offers to sit with the baby while the guys go out. Once they're gone, Rafe tells the story of Grace, Ari's namesake and how she passed away. He worries about Gabi and texts her. When he asks, Jordan tells him she was an only child, but her gaze averts. Rafe talks to the baby about how he thinks Jordan's bossy and it annoys him that she doesn't think they can be friends. Once he gets his new apartment, she's fired. Jordan puts Ari down to sleep and admits she's enjoying seeing the baby turn Rafe to mush. He holds her hand and says someday he wants kids, too.

At the Horton Square, Percy, the birdwatcher who saw Sami, Gabi, and Kate the night they murdered Nick, passes by their table and asks why they all deceived him the other night. Gabi panics. He says Sami was pulling his leg about seeing the duck-billed dinosaur, which has been extinct for a while. They laugh and Kate says Sami is a practical joker. Percy wonders why they were really in the park. Sami makes up a story about following Kate's beau who has been stepping out on her. Percy accepts this. "If I see your roving Lothario, I'll give him a piece of my mind," he says, and if he finds a body, he'll know they got to their victim first! They laugh uneasily but Gabi remains stone-faced. Percy notices she's carrying a new bag, surprised she let go of her pack considering she seemed so attached to it. He goes and Gabi freaks. They leave and Sonny and Will show up. They discuss how odd Gabi's behavior has been. Nearby, Daniel and Parker go over their Christmas list. Who's next? Jenn walks up. Parker yells, "Jennifer," and runs into her arms. They say Merry Christmas and Jenn has a question for Dan.

Sami and Kate try to calm Gabi down as they walk to the Brady's Pub. She's nervous and thinks Percy knows about the murder. They tell her if she keeps using that word, somebody will. They go in. Gabi receives Rafe's text and Sami and Kate tell her to say she's running late. She's in no condition to see him. They repeat to Gabi about how important it is not to speak of the murder. Sami thinks their nightmares are their conscience's way of reminding them how horrible Nick was. Outside Will watches the trio. "What the hell?" he wonders, and heads in to ask what's going on.

Rory finds JJ moping in the park. JJ talks about not wanting to deal drugs anymore but he's considering taking another kind of risk that could come back to bite him. He leaves Rory confused.

JJ goes to Theresa to tell her he was with her the night she overdosed. She bursts out into laughter.

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