Days Recap: Father Big Mouth.

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Sonny finds a permanent bartender, Gabi prepares to tell Rafe the truth about Nick, and Brady watches a video from Kristen.

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Rafe walks at the park and falls into Jordan. They kiss but she breaks away. He apologizes but she says it'll never happen again. He tells her it's the best fifteen seconds he has had in a while. Jordan babbles about being professional but his feelings have nothing to do with gratitude. Once he's out of that chair he's going to call her.

At the pub, Kate plays Nick's flashdrive and it causes a system failure on her laptop. She curses and EJ watches nearby as she wonders why she listened to Sami. EJ offers to help. She declines and goes. EJ makes a call asking someone to look into a probable disaster at MadWorld so he can take advantage. He's curious as to what it has to do with Samanther.

At home, Sonny and Will discuss Sonny hiring bartenders. In her room, Gabi dreams of murdering Nick and wakes up with a start. Sonny leaves for work and Gabi gets up. Will tries to get her to talk. She refuses and goes to see Rafe. Kate drops in. She asks after Gabi and Will says she's acting odd. Kate looks worried. Sonny calls and asks him to bring his checkbook. Kate hears Gabi's at the club and offers to bring the check there. She goes and calls Sami, telling her about the virus. "If Gabi hadn't already killed Nick, I'd do it myself," she grouses.

Eric and Brady arrive at Hope's office at the Salem Police Department and are told Kristen and Eric's sex tape went viral. They're aghast. Hope suggests Eric contact St. Luke's to tell them. Eric muses that it's destroyed their lives. "Ya think so... Captain Obvious?" Eric doesn't want it to destroy their relationship. Brady doesn't think that's possible but Eric says this wasn't his fault. Brady trivializes Eric's faith and Eric asks him not to treat him like a scapegoat for his pain and humiliation. Eric says, 'I told ya so' about Kristen. For him this'll never be over. The priesthood was his life. When they look at him they see filth. "Kristen did this to me and you could have prevented it," he says and storms out.

Nicole stops by Miles' office to update him on Eric's interview being a no-go. He begs her to try again. Last night the sex video with Kristen and Eric went viral. He plays it and groans about how sexy it is. Nicole rolls her eyes. When he puts on the pressure, she quits.

At Club TBD, Sonny agrees to make Tad a permanent bartender. Tad engulfs him in a hug in thanks.

EJ goes to Will's to fish for information about Sami and Gabi. Will says Gabi's not moving to New York and EJ's interest is piqued.

From the Horton Square, Gabi calls Rafe. They agree to meet. In the park nearby, Nicole's shocked to find 87 emails related to Eric's sex video. She watches it in tears. Eric shows up. He knows what she's watching and is so sorry she had to see that and for everything. She tells him it came from her producer and he's disgusted. Back at the square, Gabi bumps into EJ. He notices her tense appearance but she brushes him off and goes. Back in the park, Eric assumes Nicole's still writing the story on him and runs off at the mouth. Nicole's jaw drops and she says, "Guess what Father Big Mouth I don't answer to you anymore." The yelling stops when Hope walks up. Eric runs and Hope asks her to go easy on him. Eric goes to the square where a little girl, Dawn. asks why he's not at school. He tells Dawn, "I wasn't there because I'm taking a little time off. Taking time to think about things you know. Just need a little time." Her father, Mr. Gorman, ushers her away and calls Eric 'filth' and says to stay away from his daughter. He shoves Eric who hits his head on a bench and falls unconscious.

Gabi arrives at Club TBD. Rafe and Jordan follow. Jordan gives them time alone and Kate arrives. Jordan stops her from interrupting Gabi as Gabi tells Rafe this is about Nick...

Brady arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and takes out the cocaine. Henderson interrupts with a DVD. Brady decides to watch so Henderson makes himself scarce. It's Kristen sitting at the Kiriakis mansion, telling him how much she loves him. She made it before he surprised her about the honeymoon. She talks about loving him and being loved by him and starting their lives together. When she starts taking off her clothes and talking naughty, he rips the DVD from the laptop and opens the bag of coke.

Nicole returns to Miles' office. She has reconsidered and will cover Father Eric's story.

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