Days Recap: Case Closed.

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

The board meets to decide Daniel's fate, JJ and Theresa each confront their friends, and Kate previews Nick's flash drive.

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Sami looks for her earring near the river's edge and screams when Nick comes out of the water and grabs her. She screams but Nick refuses to let her go and pushes her under. Suddenly, Sami wakes up alone in bed. Downstairs at the DiMera mansion, EJ turns down Harold's offer for breakfast and believes that Sami left hours ago. He's surprised when he finds her getting ready to leave and asks what she's up to. He can tell she's still upset. She blames it on the incident with the police storming their house and Kristen ruining Eric's life. He knows she's hiding something but she declines to tell him anything.

In her office, Kate flashes back to what happened to Nick while holding his flash drive. She calls someone to pick up Nick's things at a storage facility. She doesn't care what he does with them but asks for confirmation when the job is completed.

Jennifer's surprised that JJ's interested in what happened to Daniel as she gets ready for the hearing at home. JJ doesn't understand why saving Theresa's life is a bad thing.

In the Salem Square, JJ tries to blow off his friends who want to get high before class. They can't believe he doesn't want to get high. JJ's not interested in becoming a loser. They tell him to find out how much life sucks when he's all alone and leave.

At the Brady's Pub, Rafe agrees Jordan is completely different when Abe comments on her change in demeanor. Nearby, Jordan tests Theo's strength to show him what her job is all about before he leaves. After, Rafe asks Jordan if she's ever worked with children. She has and remembers it as being the greatest feeling. Rafe likes seeing her like this but she decides it's time to get going.

Later, Rafe walks in the park. He apologizes when he falls into Jordan and they kiss.

Abe calls out to Theo who finds Sami's earring near the river. Theo puts it in his pocket and rushes off. Moments later Sami gets dirty trying to find her earring in the same location. Someone texts her and she runs off and meets Kate close to the Square. Kate informs her that she's handling Nick's things and that Gabi isn't sleeping. Sami's upset that she lost an earring and shows Kate the match. Kate notes it's $30,000 for just the one. Sami can't look for it now and rushes off. She almost knocks over Theo in the square. Later, Theo looks at the earring he found when Abe's not looking.

At Daniel's, Maxine drops off a file containing letters of support that he may need for his disciplinarian hearing. He's touched to find that Jennifer submitted one.

At the hospital, Anne has the perfect thing to make Daniel's hearing go ba-boom. She asks Theresa if she wants to play along and coaches her on what her statement should be. She should say Dr. Jonas wanted to do drugs with her and quote him as trashing Jennifer. Theresa's not sure she wants to lie. Kayla interrupts and walks Theresa out as Daniel and Jennifer cross paths on their way to the hearing. In the conference room, EJ's confused why the board is doing this. Daniel's called in to make his statement. Anne is warned that questions should be saved for later when she tries to interrupt. Daniel explains what happened and presents over a hundred letters of support as Anne texts someone. Theresa joins them and is interested in making a statement. She unfolds her statement and confesses the bad year she's been having. She can't remember what happened but regrets the trouble it has caused Dr. Jonas. She's grateful that he saved her life. Dr. Westbrooke is about to render his decision when Anne complains. Jennifer warns that third-party statements from Anne's independent investigation are inadmissible. Westbrooke closes the case and Anne rushes out as Daniel thanks EJ for his support. Later, Jennifer admits to Daniel that her day is complete if Anne wasn't happy. Daniel appreciates how Jennifer supported him. She had to write the truth, he's a great doctor - it's too bad he's a poor excuse of a human being. Meanwhile at the nurse's station, Anne's mad that Theresa got a conscience. Theresa thinks it's time she learned who her real friends are and leaves Anne.

JJ bumps into Kayla at the square and questions what happened to Daniel. She confesses it's over and hopes this could be a new beginning for his mom with Daniel.

Back at the pub, Kate checks out Nick's flash drive. Nick's spinning head appears on the screen before an image of a grim reaper. Her machine goes faulty. EJ overhears her yelling at her laptop.

At the DiMera mansion Sami stares at her earring and hopes to find its mate soon.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Brady's surprised to receive a video from Kristen and has an emotional breakdown.

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