Days Recap: Give Her Hell.

Monday, November 25th, 2013

JJ and Abigail throw a Thanksgiving party for the kids of Salem, and Gabi's stunned by Nick's machinations which lead to a shocking event.

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At the hospital, Jennifer assures Daniel she won't agonize over him being with Theresa. He means nothing to her. She walks away and Theresa arrives. Jenn eavesdrops as Theresa says she's staying in Salem and is there to make amends. She asks him to get Maggie to help her get into AA. Jennifer storms off. Anne interjects. Theresa is a potential witness and shouldn't be talking to Daniel before the ethics review committee meets. She sends Theresa off to file and verbally attacks Daniel.

At home, JJ catches up on the news about Eric's sex scandal and Daniel's ethics review. He flashes to the night Theresa overdosed. Abigail interrupts and approves when she notices he's been decorating for Thanksgiving. Hope drops off Allie and Ciara dressed as pilgrims, for the Thanksgiving party. They laugh because they look like 'dorks' and Abby and JJ dress up. As they're coloring turkeys, Jenn turns up. She looks on happily and JJ assures his sister she has her brother back.

From home, Will tells Sonny not to make him choose between him and his daughter. Sonny's shocked. He's the one who got them this apartment, he's been super supportive and loves Arianna as his own. Will knows all that but he can't live apart from his daughter. They bicker and try to come to some compromise. When the baby cries, Will goes to her and Sonny takes off.

In the park, Kate and Sami rant about Nick going with Gabi to New York. Sami suggests Kate tell Rafe so he can sic the FBI on her but Kate prefers to come up with a plan on their own. While Sami goes to tell Nick off, Kate says she'll get on Gabi. Kate says, "Give him hell," at the same time Sami says, "Give her hell." They pause and smirk before walking away.

At the Horton Square, Nick's shocked when Gabi confesses she's turning down the modelling offer. Nick muses that she can't, and attempts to talk her out of it. Kate strolls along and eavesdrops. Gabi tells Nick that Sami offered her a job in Salem. Nick yells that she has to take the job in New York. He blurts out how hard he worked to make this happen for it to fall apart now. Gabi's shocked so he goes on to tell her he arranged for Sparkle to hire her. She's angry but he says she needed a fresh start and he took a job in New York, too. She has to take the job. How else will they be together "like we've always wanted?" Incredulous, Gabi asks how he dares to go behind her back and play God. Everyone starts staring while she yells that she never wants to see him again. She runs and he follows. Kate takes a business call, then leaves Sami a message telling her to meet at the park. It starts getting dark.

Sami goes to Hope at the Salem Police Department, looking for Nick. Hope talks up his trip to New York, thinking it'll be good for him. When Sami receives Kate's text, she dashes out, leaving behind a confused Hope. She texts Nick asking if he's still leaving town.

JJ, Abby, Jennifer, Ciara and Allie arrive at Club TBD for the Thanksgiving party. Jenn finds it really sweet that he's here for the kids. She stops smiling when Daniel arrives with Parker dressed as a turkey. Abe and Theo arrive in garb and JJ privately apologizes to Daniel for not giving him a heads up that his mother would be there. Daniel says it's fine and tells him Theresa still doesn't remember the night of her overdose. That's good news. He moves on and Jenn stops JJ. She thinks they were arguing and asks him not to engage. JJ just hates the way things are and wishes he could help. He leaves and Hope arrives. Daniel decides to take Parker home. Theo notices Jenn's sad after they leave and questions her.

In the park, Gabi calls Casey at Sparkle but before they are connected, Nick grabs her cell. She starts yelling and he tells her he did this out of love. He knows she loves him, too. She denies it and calls him sick. He gets in her face, pointing and yelling and then apologizes.

Sami bumps into Sonny outside The Brady's Pub. He's upset and she lets him unload about his fight with Will. She reassures him. They'll work it out. She tells him to focus on Will's love and rushes off.

Kate walks through the woods alone. It's dark and she takes a call from Rafe who wants her to look into Gabi's modelling job. She will, and assures him things will work out fine. Sami walks through the woods but can't find Kate. She texts her and Kate sends a text with her location.

Back at the park, Gabi tries to diffuse Nick and let him down gently. He gives her two choices: Take the job offer and move to New York with him and Ari, or go to prison for what she did to Melanie. Gabi starts to cry and Nick says she's the one good thing he has had since prison. They couldn't stay away from each other after their divorce. Gabi calls that sex, not love, making Nick angry. Gabi bends to get a rock and Nick grabs it. They struggle and Gabi falls. Nick falls to his knees to see if she's alright. He'll make her feel better. He starts to kiss her ear and she cries out that he's hurting her. Frightened, she tries fighting his advances off and then finds a rock nearby and smashes his head in with it. He falls off of her, bloody.

Back at Will's, Sonny returns and hears Will promising Ari he'll always take care of her. They apologize and make up with a kiss.

JJ goes to Theresa at the hospital to 'make something right'. She tells him to stay away from her and walks off.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Someone receives a tip about Kristen.

Three Salemites receive quite the shock.

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