Days Recap: Theresa From Drugsville.

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Rafe gets good news in therapy, Gabi changes her mind about New York, and Daniel and Nicole kiss.

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In the rehab room at the hospital, Jordan praises Rafe's work in therapy. He stands up and her jaw drops. He takes a few steps and collapses. She says this means he'll be able to walk again.

Nick meets Hope at Club TBD to let her know he's leaving for New York today for his new job. She's happy for him. He hasn't told Aunt Maggie yet because the timing is off. Hope's heart is broken when he admits he won't return. It'll be nice to be somewhere where nobody knows his history. They hug goodbye.

Kate arrives at Sonny and Will's with a gift for the baby's six month birthday. The guys aren't in a celebratory mood. They tell her Gabi wants to move to New York with Ari and Kate flashes to Nick saying he's moving to New York. She says they'll just have to change Gabi's mind. She won't let anyone take Ari from them. She leaves and texts Nick while Sonny worries Will is going to do something crazy like kidnap Ari. Will won't but he's decided to talk to EJ about getting a job in New York. Will can get transferred to NYU. Sonny can't go. Will asks him not to make him choose between them.

Daniel and Nicole make out at his apartment. They part and Nicole asks, "Did that just happen?" They agree they're not going to do this again. They want to protect what they have. Nicole agrees they need each other's friendship more than ever. She recounts all of Daniel's issues such as how he's selfless to a fault and how Jennifer hates his guts because she thinks he's sleeping with 'Theresa from Drugsville', and Daniel points out needing to be there for her with her 'Eric situation'. She insists her feelings for Eric are dead and buried and tells Daniel about her reporting job. He's thrilled for her but makes her promise not to do an expose on him. She jokes about hoping he'd be her first subject. She's off to get her last check at the rectory and updates Daniel, saying Eric was suspended. Daniel needs to support Eric and Nicole is glad he will since she can't.

Eric walks into the Brady's Pub and gets some stares and whispers. He runs into Jennifer who drags him out to discuss Kristen.

Sami follows Gabi to the park to dissuade her from moving to New York. She worries Gabi will put Ari on the back burner. Gabi reassures her and argues that she'll be set for life if she takes the offer. Sami proposes an exclusive contract with Countess Wilhelmina if she stays. Gabi refuses it. Sami asks her to leave Ari here with Will and her family and Gabi freaks out. She won't. Besides, Sparkle wants Ari, too. Sami hopes she's not allowing Ari to be exploited. Gabi reassures her and agrees to think about her offer.

Jenn takes Eric home and tells him she believes in his innocence. He appreciates her support. She confesses Kristen admitted she was 'unfaithful to Brady when they broke up' and thought she was pregnant with the man's baby. Eric sucks in a breath. It would have been his kid. Jenn blames herself for protecting Kristen and asks for forgiveness. He forgives her but doesn't think it would have changed anything if she tattled. He has to go when Hope calls with news about Kristen.

Kate meets Nick at the Horton Square and calls him an SOB for going to New York with Gabi and the baby. Nick shrugs it off. She blows up but he asserts he's not trying to take Ari from her father. To prove he's a good person, he hands over the new project he's been working on - on the house. She takes it and he goes. She needs to talk to Sami and is surprised when Sami texts her.

Gabi visits Rafe at the hospital and tells him about her move to New York. He's not happy about it and they discuss how nobody is. Rafe will miss her and his niece but supports her decision. She goes and Jordan perks up his mood. By the hub, Daniel is sorry Jenn has to witness the disciplinary hearing. She tells him to get over himself. He means nothing to her.

At the rectory, Nicole picks up her check and runs into Eric. Things are tense and she goes, passing Hope on her way out.

Nick finds Gabi moping at the square. She tells him she's not going to New York. In the park, Sami and Kate meet. "We have a problem," Sami says. Kate shocks Sami with news that Gabi's taking Nick with her.

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