Days Recap: Fairy Tale.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Sami learns about Gabi's new job offer, Anne shocks Daniel, and Marlena barges in on Victor.

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In the park, after Abby learns Chad's not returning to Salem, EJ admits he knew Chad was faking his brain tumor and convinced him to stick to the plan when Chad had qualms. Abby is disgusted and realizes when EJ found out, he blackmailed Chad into moving into the DiMera mansion. EJ doesn't deny it. He thinks she and Chad are perfect for each other. She scoffs. He asks if she's happier with Chad out of her life. "That's not the point," she argues. They discuss Cameron. EJ believes he was a distraction. Any man who refuses to push boundaries for the woman he loves isn't a man worth having.

At Sonny and Will's, Sami can tell the guys are upset about something and puts on the pressure to get them to talk. Finally, Will tells her about Gabi's job offer in New York. Sami starts to freak out and the baby cries. Sonny goes to her while Will fills Sami in on the details of Gabi's amazing contract. Sami calls it a fairy tale. Sonny returns. He and Will admit they understand how Gabi feels. Sami's annoyed and wants to help but Will begs her to leave it alone. She calms some and leaves. Once she's gone, Will doubts Sami will back off. Sonny leaves soon after and Abby shows up. Abby holds the baby and calls Ari blessed to have a mommy, daddy, and an 'extra daddy'.

Maggie arrives at the hospital to cancel her lunch date with Daniel. He's surprised she hasn't spoken with Victor about their issues yet and gets an idea.

Marlena barges into the Kiriakis mansion to confront Victor about using her to play the sex video of Kristen and her son. He acts nonchalant and blames Eric for 'doing' Kristen. Marlena smacks him but he still thinks he did the right thing. Doing it publicly was the only way.

Nicole bumps into Eric at the Horton Square. He tells her he has been suspended though he's still a priest. He has to find Kristen to clear his name and make things right between him and Nicole. Abe walks up. He couldn't find him at the church. Eric says he moved into a room above the pub and goes to take a call. Abe thanks Nicole for supporting Eric. She says that's not what she's doing. Abe leaves and Eric returns. Nicole tells him she's moving on and walks away, leaving him looking lost.

Gabi gushes to Tad at the Brady's Pub about Arianna but won't say much about the job offer. He thinks she deserves the best. Later, Tad's gone and Sonny arrives with an apology. She thanks him and says she's not trying to hurt Will. She just wants to do the right thing for her and her daughter. Sonny asks who she's leaning on for support. She admits just herself.

Daniel and Maggie have lunch at Daniel's place and debate about whether or not Victor's sitting at home happy as a clam. She leaves and Anne turns up with a summons from the disciplinary committee. He learns Jenn will be there which makes Daniel think this is about making Jennifer suffer. He slams the door in Anne's face. Nicole arrives to find him throwing things around. He tells her what's going on and she tries cheering him up by helping plan his strategy. She kisses his cheek and he shoots her a look. They share a kiss.

Maggie walks into the Kiriakis mansion and eavesdrops on Marlena yelling at Victor for his misdeeds. When Marlena leaves, Maggie shows herself. They argue about whether or not Victor did the right thing and resigned, Maggie says he's not the man she married. He disagrees and thinks once she has a good night sleep, she'll come to her senses. Devastated, she says she has. Their marriage is over.

EJ comes upon Sami at Club TBD. She's upset but insists she's got this. They don't have to tell each other everything...right?

Marlena finds Abe and Eric discussing Kristen at the Horton Square. Abe goes and Eric tells her what's been going on. She asks him to stay with her but he won't and doesn't want her help. He runs away.

Abby arrives home and flashes to EJ's parting words.

Sonny returns home to Will holding Ari. He can't and won't lose her.

Sami spots Gabi leaving the Brady's Pub and follows her.

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