Days Recap: Double-teamed.

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Father Eric's defrocked, EJ teases Sami sexually, and Will learns about Gabi's decision to move to New York.

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At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Sami it's time for the kids to get back to school now that things have died down. Sami starts in about Kristen raping Eric and says she's made a decision. EJ laughs. He thinks her outrage is a little misguided. They rehash their past argument which makes Sami think he's hiding something. She says she and the children will continue living there but their relationship is on hold. He moves in... "You mean separate bedrooms?" She backs up and says that's what she wants. She's affected when he caresses her neck with his eyeglasses and says he'll do his best to respect her wishes. "It'll be difficult... for me," he whispers. They do a little business and things become easier. She goes off to see Will and he takes a call from Chad. He asks when his brother's returning home.

At home, Sonny calls Gabi a selfish 'bitch' after hearing from a caller that she's moving to New York to work for Sparkle. When was she going to tell them she's moving? She tried to tell them there were issues with the contract but since it's a chance of a lifetime, she's taking it. Will walks in and Gabi fills him in. Will doesn't want to have shared custody. Things escalate and the baby cries so Will goes to care for her while Sonny threatens to tell the agency about "the real Gabi Hernandez and her friend Melanie's kidnapping." Gabi regrets her past and reminds her Chad'll go down with her. Sonny says Chad will beat that charge. Will returns. Maybe she can work out of Chicago? Gabi reminds Will he can work anywhere and Sonny can open a club in any town but this opportunity is only in New York. She feels double-teamed and goes off to think. Sonny says his father tells him the deal sounds good. Their only option is to prove Gabi's an unfit mother. Will refuses. Sami arrives and sees the cake for Gabi. She assumes Gabi got a modelling job.

At the pub, Theresa insists to Kim and Shane she can't recall anything from the night she overdosed. She wants to change. She flips out and runs off. Kim follows while Shane shares his guilt with Caroline. Outside, Theresa yells at her mother for ruining her life. She's so controlling. Kimberly was afraid. She was distracted by work. Theresa says she was fun and cool but became controlling when men entered her life. Kimberly realizes she was overprotective but it was for her own good. They cry and Theresa apologies. Kim knows she can find her way and offers to back off but not with her love. Inside, Caroline thinks some handsome Brit could steal his daughter's heart like the one who stole Caroline's daughter's. Outside, mother and daughter hug and head in. Caroline and Theresa leave the room and Kim and Shane can both feel Pop in the room. They profess their love for each other and kiss. There are hugs all around before Kim and Shane leave Salem.

Abe drops by Daniel's to see Nicole. They discuss Kristen destroying Brady and Eric's lives. Abe asks Nicole to reach out to Eric. The family would appreciate it since he's not speaking to them. Nicole calls it a bad idea. He pushes and she agrees to consider it. He goes and she sits in front of the fire thinking of Eric. She can't help him.

The bishop arrives at St. Luke's. Father Eric goes into the story about being drugged and raped. Father Matt vouches for him but the bishop says Eric should have come to him. He could have helped him before this became so ugly. Eric put himself and the church in a terrible position. Father Eric's sorry. He didn't put what happened together until he saw the video. Father Matt calls Eric the victim but the bishop says he saw the video. It doesn't look that way. Eric's told not to speak with anyone until they sort things out. If the evidence isn't compelling enough he'll be defrocked. The bishop is sorry but has to suspend him. He's relieved of all duties until further notice. Eric sadly walks away. He heads to church to pray and removes his collar.

Abby meets EJ at the park. He spoke with Chad. He's not returning to Salem. Abby's upset but it doesn't change things. EJ defends his brother and Abby realizes he knew all along that Chad lied about the brain tumor.

From Club TBD, Gabi makes a call to someone. She's not alright and needs to talk.

Nicole sees Eric at the Horton Square without his collar and holding a duffle bag.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Marlena gets in Victor's face.

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