Days Recap: Strike A Pose.

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Gabi decides to take the job at Sparkle, Tad irks Kate, and Jennifer helps Kim and Shane decide what to do with Theresa.

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From the hospital, JJ tells Jennifer Theresa's parents want to have a word with her. Daniel walks by and Jenn's distracted. Maxine goes to Dan to discuss a patient while Jenn tells JJ she'll call Shane. She stops Daniel and asks him to reach out to Father Eric to support him. After hearing Kristen drugged Eric to have sex with him she feels naive in believing in her. Dan tells Jenn he's no longer willing to participate in the dinner for the top doctors so she goes. JJ follows Daniel to his office and whines that Theresa's parents are asking questions about her - JJ's worried someone will hear he was there when Theresa overdosed. Daniel tells him to stay away from her.

At the Brady's Pub, Theresa wants to know whether or not she'll return to California. She's willing to go into rehab. Caroline says they'll support her. Kimberly says they don't want her in jail. In tears, Theresa says she wants to stay in Salem but is pissed when Shane says Jenn's playing a part in their decision. Jenn arrives and Theresa apologizes for being such a 'bitch' and hopes one day she can forgive her. Jenn doesn't care if she stays in Salem but she needs to stay away from JJ. She walks out with Kayla and admits she's made mistakes, too. Inside, Kimberly thinks Theresa's hiding something from the night she overdosed.

At Club TBD, Sonny asks Kate if she's bringing coffee to Rafe at the hospital. Tad overhears and says Rafe's got everything he needs. He met Jordan and is thinking about spraining his ankle to get in on that action. Kate rolls her eyes and learns Jordan was with Gabi and Abby. She acts happy Jordan's not all work and no play but when she leaves, she wonders what Jordan's up to.

Jordan and Rafe are at the lake when Will walks up. He meets Jordan and kisses her hand. He heard Jordan was at the club last night with Gabi and Abby. Rafe's surprised and presses her for details but she's uncomfortable and runs off to take a call. Will says EJ changed the subject when he brought up the wedding fiasco. Rafe says, "Yeah well if my sister drugged my fiancée’s priest brother and made a sex video I'd probably change the subject, too." They wonder if EJ was in on it. Will leaves and Jordan returns. Rafe again asks for details and as they leave, Kate comes out of the woods.

Nick finds Gabi at the Horton Square. She tells him she's having a lawyer look over her contract with Sparkle but the thought of taking Ari away from Will bothers her but she realizes she needs to take the job at Sparkle. She goes and he accepts the job in New York.

Will arrives at Club TBD. He and Sonny discuss Kristen drugging Father Eric for sex. Tad wonders if he's defrocked. Sonny calls him Mr. Sensitive and says Kristen left town. Tad sighs. If she was that desperate she could have called him. "No drugs needed." Sonny scoffs. He doesn't take anything seriously. Sonny shows Will a cake for Gabi just in case she takes the job. It reads, "Strike a pose." Tad boasts about Sonny calling his work 'not half bad'. Sonny and Will joke that Tad's working so much he'll be running the joint soon and calling it Club T.

Rafe and Jordan return to the hospital. Rafe wonders if she's from the south when she starts making 'sweet tea'. Kate watches as he grabs her hand and says he's glad she had a good time at the club last night. In his office, Daniel won't let JJ tell Jenn the truth. It'd ruin her pride in him. He recalls how proud Jenn was of his guitar playing in the past. Kate follows Jordan into the rehab room and questions her about her reputation and the way she operates. Meanwhile, Daniel visits Rafe. They talk about Eric ignoring his calls and Rafe asks how Daniel's doing with the hospital gossip. Dan assures Rafe he'll be fine. Jenn and Kayla return and Daniel has a tough time with Jenn so near.

Nick runs into Will at Horton Square and asks about his time at Berkeley. Will had a blast. Nick asks if he's still writing and encourages him to write an autobiography.

JJ sits at home with his guitar, thinking.

Gabi returns home just as Sonny takes a call from Sparkle, confirming her move to New York. He starts name-calling.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Things get emotional between Theresa and Kim.

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