Throwing Me To The Wolves.

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Theresa is the focus of an intervention, Gabi meets with Justin, and Sami tells Will about Eric and Kristen.

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In bed at home, Sami dreams of EJ apologizing and offering to do anything to restore her trust. She wakes up. Downstairs, she finds Johnny having a light saber fight with the butler. Johnny says his dad told him they were staying home from school today. She quizzes him about EJ. Johnny recalls he left a message about Justin.

EJ meets with Justin in the park to propose they work together again. He says everything Kristen was in charge of is in a mess. Justin suggests that Stefano will take care of it. EJ says Stefano's out of town and he will take over the running of the company. Justin says he'd have to be an idiot to work with him again. He rehashes his upsetting dealings with the DiMeras. EJ takes it that's a 'no'.

At the apartment, Will questions Gabi about her reluctance to do the modeling thing. He tells her how glad he is that he went to school and therefore he thinks she should go for it. Gabi says if she does it, it will change his life too. He says he'll pitch in more with Ari. Gabi stammers, but Will is distracted by a computer message about Eric. He takes off.

Jennifer offers to make JJ breakfast at home, but he won't let her go into the room. She pushes past and says she can't believe it - he's been playing guitar again. She excitedly goes on about his talent. Jennifer goes on about the effort he's made. She feels like she has her son back. JJ flashes to calling for help when Theresa was passed out. JJ feels bad after he asks about Daniel and she says she hopes she won't run into him.

At the Brady Pub, Theresa asks Caroline why she put a closed sign on the door. Shane and Kimberly appear. Teresa asks what's going on. Her parents each embrace her. Shane says they're very worried about her. Kayla, Hope, and Roman join them. Roman says, "So are we." Theresa realizes it's an intervention and insists she already knows she messed up. Hope says they've heard it before. Roman wants her to admit she needs help and get it - otherwise she'll lose their support. Theresa says she'll go to AA, but becomes upset when her parents bring up returning to California. They argue. Theresa complains that they're throwing her to the wolves - her probation will be revoked. Kimberly says nearly died - that can't happen again. Shane steps out with Theresa, who thanks him for getting her away from her mom. Shane warns her not to try to play him against her mother. It's not happening. He rants about her actions. Theresa complains about his absences. Shane says she can't guilt him. Inside, the others vow to get through to Theresa. Kimberly says she should have done better. Shane gets Kimberly and tells Theresa to wait with the others - they'll be back. Caroline coaxes Theresa to come back inside and cooperate. Theresa talks to Kayla about her job and blames Jennifer.

EJ joins Sami at home and she asks about his meeting with Justin. EJ says it was business. She brings up his secret-keeping. He doesn't want to fight. Sami says they need to resolve this. EJ says he was protecting her. Sami scoffs. "You are so good." Will arrives and gets up to speed on the Eric/Kristen scandal. EJ changes the subject to Berkeley. Will tells them all about it. Once alone, Sami thanks EJ for being interested in Will, but returns to the issue of the secret.

Gabi meets Justin at the square to go over her contract. She offers a retainer so his services are confidential. He wonders what she doesn't want people to find out and soon realizes she'd have to move to New York. Justin counsels her to level with Will. Gabi doesn't want to upset them needlessly until Justin's read the contract. Justin marvels at the concessions they're offering because she's a single mother. When she mentions her and Will not having a custody agreement, Justin suddenly wants no part of what she's planning. He refuses to give her advice and reminds her Sonny and Will love Arianna.

Kimberly and Shane introduce themselves to JJ at the Horton house. JJ agrees to tells Jennifer they need to talk to her. After, he curses and grabs his jacket.

Jennifer arrives at the hospital where a nurse apologizes for spreading rumors about Theresa and Dr. Jonas. Jennifer thanks her. JJ appears and says Theresa's parents want to see her.

Kim and Shane return to the Brady Pub. Theresa wants to know the verdict on returning to California.

Salem Spoiler for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Nick panics when he learns Gabi is leaning towards turning down the modelling job in New York.

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