Only A Complete Fool...

Friday, November 15th, 2013

EJ and Sami have a knock-down-drag-out fight, Nicole won't forgive Eric, and Brady continues to search for Kristen.

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At home, Gabi panics when Sonny questions her about the modelling contract from Sparkle. Will hears the ruckus and comes out. Sonny tells him about the contract. They're excited for her. She says she hasn't signed yet and keeps the location of the job from them. Sonny texts Justin to have him look over the contract for her.

EJ finds Sami with his cell phone in the great room and she confronts him for knowing yet keeping quiet that Kristen drugged and raped Eric. EJ says he was trying to keep the situation under control. Sami calls him out for protecting Kristen instead of his family. EJ blames Marlena but this doesn't sit well with Sami so he decides to put a pin in it. He admits he knew Kristen and Eric had sex but claims that's all he knew. He makes light of it and says they looked like two consenting adults in that video. Sami starts screaming about it being rape and thought EJ wanted to marry her. He does. He prepares a drink and she grabs it, spilling booze all over her face, and then smashes the glass. She yells that he knew and didn't tell her. He says if he had, the video would have aired on the evening news. "Only a complete fool would have told you." She screams that what he did was unforgivable and tells him to find another bed to sleep in. She leaves and he looks on his laptop, wondering what sort of mess the business is in. He seems upset by what he reads.

At the scene of the accident, a cop brings a homeless gal, Brenda, forth to help with the investigation. Though she identifies Kristen as being the woman she saw, she doesn't seem to have all of her faculties so they get nowhere with her. They send her away and Brady and Hope argue about him going off half-cocked.

At his apartment, Daniel offers for Maggie to stay while she sorts out things between her and Victor. She learns Nicole's in the guest room and goes off the rails at him. Daniel says Nicole needs a friend. Maggie relents. Nicole's lucky to have him. They discuss Victor stabbing Marlena in the back again and Daniel once again defends Victor and blames Kristen. Maggie decides to stay in a hotel. She says she went into the marriage knowing who Victor was but she just thought, "What's there left for him to do? Who does things like this at his age?" She leaves and Hope arrives to take a statement about the masking agent and drug Father Eric was given and then asks how such a good guy managed to hurt Jennifer the way he did. He tells her he was merely doing his job as a doctor. Hope thinks he's hiding something.

Father Eric runs into Nicole at the Salem Police Department. She fills him in on the accident and Kristen going missing. Eric's concerned Nicole was hurt. He's disgusted with himself for his lack of trust in Nicole. Her eyes fill with tears and she says she understands...that he was wrong. She sobs that she swore on a bible and he still didn't believe her. He needed a video to prove she was innocent! He weeps and she says he doesn't have to worry about her loving him anymore. His virtue is safe with her. She refuses to accept his apology - ever.

Tad goes gaga for Jordan when she meets Abigail at Club TBD. They sip a little vino and when Abby mentions wanting to get to know Jordan better, Jordan looks nervous. Abby talks about her family a little and Jordan says she lost her dad when she was young but wants to discuss fun things tonight. T introduces himself as Tad Stevens and gives them free drinks. Gabi arrives and Jordan's uncomfortable being around Rafe's sister until Gabi gets her to relax.

Maggie finds Brady at the Kiriakis mansion. They discuss how he thought Kristen wasn't like the other DiMeras. Maggie worries he'll start using but he's too filled with rage. She tells him to call if he needs her and goes to a hotel. Once she's gone, Brady stares at the bottles of alcohol at the bar and calls someone to find Kristen.

Sami walks into the rectory and hugs her brother. She almost tells him EJ knew but cries that she believes in him and is proud of him.

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Gabi goes looking for legal advice.

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