Another Piece Of The Puzzle

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Philip arrives on Tinda Lau, Sami is rushed to the hospital and it turns out that EJ is working with Celeste!

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Shawn counts all of his cash at the bar on Tinda Lau, while Duck mocks him. Duck doesn't think that he has enough money to rent a kayak, let alone a boat. Shawn tells him that he needs to leave as soon as possible because Philip is on his way there!


Belle packs in her room when she is interrupted by a knock at the door. She tells Claire that it must be 'Daddy', but when she opens the door it's actually a menacing looking Philip! He enters the room uninvited and she tells him she was just packing to get away from him. He retorts that Claire needs a real home and insults Shawn. Belle grabs a hot mug of coffee and throws it in his face. Phil falls to the bed screaming in pain as Belle grabs Claire and runs downstairs.


Once downstairs, Belle tells Shawn they have to leave, and before he can ask why, a furious Philip trudges down the stairs after her. Gabby shows up and threatens to call Sheriff Jim, but Philip has beaten her to it. Once the sheriff arrives, Philip pulls out the custody agreement to show to the sheriff. Unfortunately for Philip, the island doesn't have any extradition treaty with the USA and there is nothing he can do! Belle and Shawn are relieved with the news but Philip fumes. He pushes past Shawn and rents a room out. "I'm still not leaving here without Claire," he says, disgusted. Philip offers triple the rate and because Duck needs the money and doesn't know both sides to the story, he allows Phil to stay there.


Belle pulls Philip aside and asks what he's up to. He tells her that he wants to watch over them to ensure that they don't try to escape. He warns her that the second she closes her eyes, he'll take Claire from them. Belle slaps him and tells him that she hates him. "You'll never take my daughter as long as there is a breath left in my body!" she promises. "I can't believe I loved you." She continues, sadly. Philip replies, "You never did love me," and turns to Duck to give him a cash deposit to secure his room. The two men bond over being fellow vets and agree to take breakfast together in order to swap war stories!
Everyone heads up to bed and Philip warns Belle and Shawn not to try to sneak out because he'll be there watching. He tries to say hello to Claire but Belle holds her firmly.


At Chez Rouge, Sami screams bloody murder as she sees EJ's body slumped over in the bathroom stall. At their table, Kate and Lucas jump at the screaming and Maggie and Lucas run to see what's going on. Sami hurries from the bathroom and into Lucas' arms, screaming, "I saw him! I saw him!" Kate asks her if she knows who the man is and Sami shakily tells Kate that she didn't recognize him. While Lucas and Maggie search the bathroom, Kate stays with Sami and asks her if she's alright. She offers her a glass of water and tells her to take a few deep breaths, as she's hyperventilating. Sami tries to refuse her help but Kate forces her to be seated and to drink the water.


Maggie and Lucas search the bathroom but find nothing. Maggie thinks that Sami could have been seeing things. They go back out into the restaurant and Sami faints into Lucas' arms.


While Lucas takes Sami to the hospital, Kate searches the bathroom stalls and finds EJ's Mythic Communications business card!


Lucas gets Sami settled into a room and goes to talk to the doctor. She explains that Sami's blood pressure has soared and that if she isn't careful, she could end up on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy.

From her hospital bed, Sami calls Celeste and begs her to find EJ and explain to him what happened. Kate arrives at her bedside and tells her that she checked the ladies room and found EJ's Mythic Communications business card! Sami explains that she didn't know who the man in the stall was - she didn't get a good look at him. Kate listens, disbelievingly and launches into her theory of what really happened with Sami, EJ and the cabin last night! Sami asks Kate to get out but Kate won't have any of it. Kate tells her, "I think you were at that cabin with EJ!" She goes on but Sami screams at her to stop meddling and leave her alone. Kate asks her what EJ is holding over her head. Sami screams, "Nothing! Nothing!" Her heart rate races and Lucas rushes into the room and demands that Kate leave.


Once Kate is gone, Lucas has Sami think good thoughts in order to relax her. He slips off her engagement ring and slips on a beautiful Tacori diamond ring on her third finger. He tells her that the diamond was mined in an environmentally friendly way! Sami is misty eyed and finds the ring flawless. As Sami weeps quietly, Lucas tells her that they're finally going to live happily ever after.


Hope visits Willow in jail. Willow asks Hope to drop the charges against her since she is the mother of Shawn's baby but Hope tells her she can't do that. She doesn't want the baby born in jail or taken by Child Protective Services; she says but has another option for Willow, "Sign over your parental rights to Bo and me." She says. Willow doesn’t like that idea at all and accuses Hope of being no better than Philip! Hope tells her that she'll still have a place in her child's life, but Willow thinks that her concern is phony and tells her to leave. Hope threatens to go to the court to petition for full custody, much to Willow's chagrin, and goes on to ask if she truly wants a better life for her child than what she had. Willow agrees she does, and Hope points out that there is no other way to ensure that.

Hope visits Maggie at Chez Rouge and explains she visited Willow today and relays their conversation. Maggie feels for Hope and thinks Willow is just trying to work her nerves. She warns Hope not to let Willow manipulate her.

Once Hope is gone from the jail, Willow calls Nick and gives him a cryptic message. "I need you to come see me today. It's a matter of life and death!" she says.


EJ arrives at The Tower as per Celeste's request. She asks him where he has been this whole time and tells him that she has done all that he has asked and wants him to stop tormenting Sami. He says he's just getting started! She disgustedly tells him he's shameless, but he's not offended! He gives her back a tube of lip balm that he wore when Sami kissed him at the cabin, and thanks her for it. She tells him it's time for him to hold up his end of the bargain. "Tell me where my daughter is. Where's Alexandra?" she asks. EJ ignores her and tells her how happy he is about how things turned out. Celeste can't believe her ears and reminds him that he spent all night soaked in gasoline. He asks her where her sense of romance is and tells her, "Last night was proof that Sami still has feelings for me!" "You are truly a sick man, EJ Wells." She replies. She says Sami was ready to murder him but EJ disagrees and points out that Sami couldn't bring herself to do it. "This was some ridiculous test?" she asks, and tells him he is more delusional than she thought. "For all of her faults, Samantha is not a cold blooded killer, like you!" she says. EJ tells her that he couldn't plan a future with the mother of his child until he knew he could trust her. "That's what makes what I have to do even more difficult," he says. Celeste asks a third time for him to tell her where Alexandra is but he refuses her. He has plans to tell her after the wedding he says, because he needs assurance that she won't go against him. Celeste tells him that if it wasn't for her daughter, she'd have lit that fire and roasted marshmallows over it herself! EJ laughs and calls her feisty! She reminds him that every time he puts Samantha in hell, he puts what could be his own child at risk. She asks him, "What kind of father does that make you?"

Once EJ leaves, Celeste calls Sami and leaves a message telling her that she can't find EJ. Kate just happens upon her and listens to her conversation!


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Willow has a message for Nick - "Tell your cousin Hope that I'll never turn my back on my child."

Kayla says, "I have to warn you, Adrienne. If you decide to help Steve, you'll put your life on the line." Adrienne (Steve's sister and ex-Bonnie) says to her that she'll do whatever it takes to get her brother out of the institution!

EJ holds a hypodermic syringe to Sami and tells her, "This is the final act in our little play."

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