Sex Starved.

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Father Eric demands answers from Kristen, Nicole goes after Kristen, and Sami tells Caroline about the sex tape.

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Hope finds Nicole at Club TBD and tells her how everyone at the wedding saw a video of Kristen and Father Eric having sex. Nicole's shocked and cries. Hope wants Nicole to confirm certain facts but is paged. Nicole has trouble wrapping her brain around what happened and after Hope leaves, she runs out.

Father Eric finds Kristen searching for Brady at the lake. How did he find her? He shows her Brady's cell phone. He intercepted her message to Brady and says, "God showed me the way." He grabs her and starts yelling about how they sat in his office, her asking him to absolve her sins, while he was unaware she raped him. She claims he seduced her. He's not leaving until she answers for what she has done. He recalls how she was licking his lips, waiting to destroy his life. Kristen asks, "Are you sure you weren't licking your lips after all those years of being sex starved?" She thinks he's demonizing her and they argue about who seduced whom. He asks why she hates him so. She cries that she doesn't and admits this was about hurting Marlena. Marlena destroyed her ambitions of becoming a wife and mother. She says the only thing worse than not having a child is to watch your child destroyed. Kristen barks out a laugh when Father Eric is astounded that she let Nicole take the blame, then walks off.

Maggie shows up on Daniel's doorstep, bawling. She eventually gets it out that Marlena and Victor played a sex tape of Kristen and Father Eric. She finds it cruel and though Daniel's bowled over, he defends Victor. Eric shows up looking for Nicole.

At the hospital, Kayla is done giving Johnny stitches after he took a fall in the park when Rafe wheels up. Johnny jumps into his lap with glee. Kayla leaves to get antibiotics and Roman calls. Back by the elevator, Johnny reports that his daddy said he could visit soon with his siblings. Kayla returns and she and Sami take Johnny nearby to give him ointment. Back by the elevator, EJ tells Rafe Chad's going to make a complete recovery. Rafe appreciates that EJ will allow the kids to see him even though they despise each other. Johnny runs over while Kayla asks Sami what went down at the wedding. Roman could barely speak, she says. Sami fills her in on the sex tape of Kristen and Father Eric breaking up the wedding. She's disgusted with the DiMeras. It's going to kill Caroline. Sami will explain it. She takes Johnny and they leave.

From the Kiriakis mansion, Brady leaves a message for Hope on the landline while searching for his cell phone. Victor walks in. Brady knows playing the sex video at the wedding was his idea. Victor didn't want it to come out this way but there's no getting through to him on the subject of Kristen. Brady shakes his head. He had to expose her publicly and would do it over if he had to. He did it all for his grandson and tells him he loves him. Brady knows. Stoically, he thanks Victor. He knows Victor wanted to save his life while Marlena just wanted to get back at Kristen. He crumples the DVD and throws it in the fire. He wants Victor's help in tracking 'that miserable bitch' down.

On the phone at the Brady's Pub, Jordan tells someone she'll be careful. Later, Caroline makes small talk with her about how she enjoys living in Salem and hands her Rafe's favorite desert, dulce de leche cake. She talks of Rafe in glowing terms. Sami, EJ, and Johnny pass Jordan on her way out. They update Caroline on Johnny's stitches and send him for cake in the kitchen. Sami tells Caroline about Eric being drugged and assaulted. Caroline doesn't take it well. When Sami reveals Marlena played the video for the wedding guests, Caroline goes to lie down.

Hope flashes her badge to Harold at the DiMera mansion. She wants to see Kristen but he won't let her in without a warrant. She leaves and Kristen sneaks to the door. Nicole grabs her and lays into her. Kristen taunts her about the sex with Eric and Nicole tells her nemesis she's going to jail. Kristen shoves Nicole and gets in her car. Nicole chases her in her own car. Nicole rams her and they swerve off the road.

Jordan returns to the hospital and passes Kayla leaving Rafe's room. Jordan hands over the cake and they share it. Rafe wishes Johnny was still here to try some.

Hope goes to the Kiriakis mansion asking Victor and Brady for a statement. Brady says to track Kristen down or he will - and if he finds her, he'll kill her.

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