I Know I Can Be Like Eeyore.

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Nicole learns the truth, Kristen holds Marlena at gunpoint, and Brady and Eric fight.

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Marlena stops by the DiMera mansion and Kristen pulls a gun on her. Suddenly she sets the gun down and invites Marlena to shoot her. Marlena grabs the gun and takes out the ammo, surprised Kristen is wondering what she has to live for. Kristen sneers. She hates Marlena but was willing to let it go. Marlena wouldn't let her! Marlena cannot believe this 'revolting episode' is about her. Kristen says this goes way back to when they first met and she stole John. Kristen blathers on about Marlena enjoying watching her bleed. Marlena frowns and starts to tear up and shake her head when Kristen yells that she's to blame for playing the sex tape and ruining her son's life. Marlena defends her saintly son but Kristen knows he wants to get "his horny consecrated hands on me." Marlena recalls how ill Eric was from Kristen drugging him. Marlena put him through hypnosis and can prove she knew something horrible happened to him. Marlena will tell every Salemite what she did! She leaves and Kristen throws stuff around the room and in the process, loses the rock in her ring. She finds it and kisses it, assuming it's a sign. She flashes to the proposal and texts Brady, asking to meet where he proposed.

Father Eric strangles Brady at St. Luke's. Brady gets the upper hand and punches his brother in the chest. They keep it up until Eric throws Brady off. They start up again. Roman and Hope arrive and break them up. Roman's shocked to learn Eric slept with Kristen. Eric explains he was poisoned and started having the sexual dreams. He underwent hypnosis which made him realize he was in bed with a blonde. Brady thinks Eric's making it up but Eric admits he thought it was Nicole and accused her. Eric has to find Nicole to beg for forgiveness but Roman tells him he needs rest. The men appear sorry for the fight. Each has made a lot of mistakes. They do the one arm half-hug, and with tears brimming in his eyes, Brady goes. Father Eric sobs as he prays to God, wondering what to take away from this mess.

JJ is surprised to see Tad working at Club TBD. He takes care of Ari while Tad gets a latte. When he returns, they discuss family. JJ flashes to Daniel covering for him for being at Theresa's when she overdosed. He considers himself lucky. Sonny sits. He tells JJ Will thinks moving back home was the right decision. They fawn over the baby and JJ thinks it's amazing that Sonny sees her as his own. Sonny can't imagine life without her. He goes to feed her when Rory arrives. They 'scored some primo weed' and he offers some to JJ. He's not interested.

Nick spies from outside of the Brady's Pub as inside, Gabi tells Casey, the agent from Sparkle, that she wasn't aware she'd have to move to New York to model. Casey says they're talking Europe, Asia...Her story has global appeal. If Gabi signs, "Gabriella will be a brand." Casey says speaking Spanish is a boon, and hands over a document. They've apartments in New York for her and Arianna Grace. Gabi's surprised Casey knows her daughter's name. Casey asks her to think things over and get back to her. She leaves and Nick goes in with a grin. Gabi tells him Sparkle wants to sign her. He's encouraging but she's concerned about moving.

At Daniel's place, Nicole glumly assumes Father Eric just married Brady and Kristen. Dr. Dan prescribes hot chocolate. Parker runs in after hearing the magic words and they go.

Nicole, Parker, and Daniel have hot chocolate at Horton Square. He's glad when she seems happier. She knows she can be like Eeyore sometimes. Daniel is snubbed by a passing nurse which upsets Nicole. He makes light of the issue. They're glad they're still friends. Nicole's proud of the way Daniel treats his friends. Dan takes Parker home while Nicole takes a walk. Later, they're all standing around when Roman questions why Marlena showed the sex tape. Brady listens as Roman has to dash and then tells Marlena she won.

Gabi picks Arianna from Club TBD. She doesn't tell Sonny or Tad about the meeting but hears Cameron's leaving for Africa for Doctors Without Borders. She secretly identifies that sometimes things happen and says she's glad he went for it. Later, Hope finds Nicole and tells her Kristen is the one who drugged and raped Eric.

JJ arrives home. Alone, he considers calling Daniel.

At home, Daniel has to explain to Parker why Jennifer's not coming over tonight. He reassures his son and takes him for a bath.

Kristen waits for Brady at the lake but it's Father Eric who meets her.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Brady reacts to Victor's scheme.

EJ worries Sami is going to catch him in his lie.

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