Playboy Priest.

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Maggie walks out on Victor, Brady and Eric battle, and Gabi gets a modelling offer.

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Brady grabs Kristen at the DiMera mansion and demands to know why she slept with his brother. She says she turned to Eric for support while they were apart and he seduced her. Brady finds that rich. She claims she can prove he preyed on her. She says afterward she felt sick about it but Eric was humming in the bathroom. It made her realize he had taken advantage of other women in the parish so she filmed their second round as proof. Brady finds this ludicrous. Kristen tells him she was going to give the bishop the DVD the day they got back together. She didn't because she didn't want to lose him. This is why she didn't want to go through pre-cana counselling because of this. Brady still doesn't believe her. She touches his face and he pushes her away. He knows she drugged his brother and forced him into bed. She cries and the lies pile up. He leaves.

Marlena tries to comfort Eric at St. Luke's but he's repulsed by her showing "that pornographic filth in God's house." He tells her he was drugged. She tells him that Kristen cheated on Brady but she didn't know who the man was on the DVD and didn't have time to find out. Through gritted teeth, Eric tells her this has destroyed his life. If Marlena had known she would have let Brady destroy his own life. He tells her about accusing Nicole of raping him. It was unforgivable. Not as unforgivable as what she did to him though. He's distraught and needs to be alone. He throws his vestments at her and she takes them with her. Once she's gone he cries as he watches the rest of the DVD.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie asks Victor if he has any idea of what he has done. "The ever righteous Father Eric. Can't seem to keep it zipped any better than the rest of us." Maggie talks about how unconscionable it was to stab Marlena in the back that way. Victor says there was no time to show Marlena. Maggie wonders why he didn't show Brady privately. He made a mother destroy her son. "You tricked her into doing it. It's unforgivable." Victor says he put family first. That doesn't include Marlena and her playboy priest. Maggie married into the Kiriakis clan and if she can't put family first, she may as well take a hike now. Hurt, she walks out.

Tad works a shift at Club TBD since Chad's out of town. He's glad to hear Abby and Chad broke up and tells her it's got to be fate now that they're both free. She lets him down gently. She's tempted but doesn't want to lose him as a friend. She leaves and Tad goes on about how amazing Abigail is.

Gabi and Arianna visit Rafe at the hospital. In another room, Jordan reassures someone on the phone that everything is fine and it'll stay that way. She's tired of running. She won't abandon those she's helping. No matter what, this is the last stop. Back in Rafe's room, Gabi and Rafe talk about Jordan smiling more lately. Gabi asks how Kate is. He talks about how right Kate was to break things off.

Kate overhears Nick talking about moving to New York on his cell in the Horton Square. He says he's weighing his options and hands her a draft of a project. He asks when Will's returning but she won't discuss anything personal. He realizes she'll never forgive him for blackmailing Will. She leaves and later, he sees Abigail. He's pumped to hear Cameron's leaving the country.

Gabi takes Arianna to Club TBD and since Sonny's busy, Tad elects to care for the baby while she's gone.

Kate visits Rafe and tells him Nick might be moving on. In another room, Jordan and Abby bond over both having read a book about Queen Elizabeth. They agree they don't need a man. They laugh about how they're nice eye candy until they open their mouths. Jordan goes to Rafe's room and Kate is cool toward her before she goes. Rafe tells Jordan to brush it off. Outside, Kate mutters about not letting Jordan hide her real identity.

Brady finds Father Eric at St. Luke's. Eric tells his brother Kristen raped him. Brady can see in the video he enjoyed every bit of it. He makes Eric pay by beating on him. They duke it out until Eric's on top smashing Brady's head in.

Casey McGraw from Sparkle, meets Gabi. She has seen all of Gabi's work with Countess Wilhelmina and is impressed. She read her life story and is amazed. Gabi doesn't get a word in edgewise. Casey says Sparkle wants to sign her - today. She says they'll start in Salem before going to New York. "New York?" Gabi asks.

Kristen is on her way out of the DiMera mansion with her gun when Marlena arrives.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole hears what really happened to Eric.

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