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Friday, November 8th, 2013

Happy 48th Anniversary to "Days Of Our Lives!"

The wedding guests are stunned by the sex tape reveal, Brady belts Father Eric, Kristen runs off, and Sami wonders if EJ was in on the scheme.

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Father Eric begins the wedding ceremony for Kristen and Brady at St. Luke's. Brady addresses the guests and sets up the special video he has of Kristen, hoping it'll help them learn to love her. Sami turns off the lights and Marlena panics when she's unable to play the DVD. Eventually it plays and everyone gasps in horror as they watch Kristen making love to Father Eric. In shock, Marlena whispers, "It can't be." EJ holds Kristen's hand and Sami asks Eric if it's a joke. Maggie clutches her pearls and Brady yells to turn it off. Marlena wonders what she has done. She rips at the DVD player in an attempt to turn it off but winds up busting the temporary walls down on the tiny makeshift room. She yells at Kristen who in turn demands to know why she did this to her. Brady holds her back from attacking Marlena but Marlena yells that she didn't know! Kristen calls it a fake and won't shut up. Marlena goes to Eric's side. Pale, he asks how Kristen could do this. He mutters that the dream is true. EJ asks Eric if they should take a walk outside but Sami says to let him talk. Eric tells them he remembers. He was sick...Victor speaks up. He calls Kristen a tramp and asks her to attempt to clear her name. Sami assumes it's a fake and asks to play it again. Victor does the honors and everyone stands in church watching the sex tape. Hope tells Jenn, who is covering her eyes, that it's real. It's turned off and Eric accuses Kristen of drugging him. Brady punches his brother in the face and there's a big commotion as everyone tries prying Brady's fists from Eric's face. "She raped me," Eric yells. Brady doesn't believe the priest. He'll answer for it. Kristen walks out and Brady goes after her. EJ wants to follow but Sami says they've a lot to discuss, first. They go. Maggie notices Victor didn't look surprised once. He pockets the DVD and goes. Eric weeps and Hope thinks he should get some rest. He yells for everyone to leave and rips off his robes. Marlena cries. Eric prays and the guests file out.

At the Horton Square, Daniel tells Parker it's game night. "It's on," he says before running into Abigail. They send Parker to play and Abby says she can't babysit Parker anymore. Daniel looks pained. He tries to defend himself as she goes on a tirade about how he humiliated and hurt her mother. She leaves him looking stunned.

At the hospital, Cameron takes a call from someone telling them he's honored but needs time to think. He hangs up and Jordan asks if everything is okay. He's surprised she spoke to him. She usually keeps to herself. He compliments her work and brings up Rafe. She admires how far Rafe has come and credits him. When she's alone, she flashes to touching Rafe's hand. Nicole visits Rafe in his room. She's glum and he notices. He knows Brady's getting married today. She says that's the rumor and that they'll probably never speak again. Rafe gets her to spill. She tells him that for once, she did nothing wrong but can't prove it. It doesn't matter; she doesn't think she could forgive Eric for this. Abby finds Cameron in the waiting room. She fills him in on hearing Chad's surgery went well. He tells her Doctors With Borders called and he's leaving for South Africa. She's startled but happy for him. She congratulates him but looks shaken up. Once Nicole has left, Jordan turns up for therapy. He's bummed about Nicole's mood.

Nicole arrives at Daniel's place. He asks her to move in. He has plenty of room. Nicole worries what people will think. He doesn't care. Besides, it's game night. Nicole laughs and they play a game.

Jordan and Rafe talk about how beautiful it is at the Horton Square. They discuss one of their favorite spots on the lake. Rafe can see Salem's growing on her. He learns she moves around a lot. He talks about doing the same in the FBI and quit to be closer to friends and family. She can't imagine. She doesn't have family nearby. He wants to go to the Brady's Pub but she pooh-poohs that idea and they head back to the hospital.

Sami and EJ end up at the square. He tells her the video looked like consenting sex. Sami puts a hand on her hip and begs to differ. Eric must have been drugged. Did he know about this? He didn't. Sami knows Stefano was involved. It's that kind of twisted and demonic thing he'd do without breaking a sweat. She bawls in EJ's arms, wishing she could have prevented this. She gets a text and tells him they have to go.

Kristen storms into the DiMera mansion. This isn't happening. She guzzles some alcohol and the door slams when Brady enters. She runs. He grabs her and demands to know why she slept with his brother.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Maggie's pissed at Victor for what he did to Marlena.

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