Sweating Up The Sheets.

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Kristen and Brady's wedding begins and the guests react to seeing the sex tape.

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At St. Luke's Cathedral, Father Eric lets Father Matt into the rectory office. Father Matt asks him to unload on him about whatever's been upsetting him. A kid named Evan walks in with a note for Eric. He's been acting up in class. Eric knows he's had it rough at home but things will change soon. He sends the kid back to class and Father Matt muses that this is Eric's calling.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen fondles a gun while looking at her wedding gown. She takes a call from Brady who has a surprise for her. She finds this ominous and tucks the gun into her purse. Downstairs, EJ tells Sami his sister crossed a line and he doesn't know what to do about it. He lies about being agitated over taking on her work-load for the next three months while she and Brady are on their honeymoon. Kristen shows up in her gown and Sami calls her beautiful. She goes to dress and EJ admits he lied to Sami. If sex with the priest gets out, it'll be ugly. She assures him Dr. Chyka is making a new potion that'll wipe out Eric's memories and EJ scoffs.

JJ eavesdrops at home while Jennifer and Hope discuss Daniel setting out to hurt her by sleeping with Theresa. Feeling guilty, JJ goes to his mother who hugs him and admires how he's turning his life around.

Caroline brings Theresa food from the pub as Daniel enters her hospital room. Caroline leaves and Theresa complains that her parents are coming. Kimberly will be analyzing everything about the overdose. Dan brings up concerns about the hospital gossip about them being together. She apologizes for hurting him and he makes her promise to call him when she recalls anything from that night.

Victor watches Kristen's sex tape at the Kiriakis mansion and calls Marlena to get over there. Brady heads downstairs and sees Victor, who looks like the market just crashed. Victor brushes him off and tells Brady he cares about him. He wouldn't miss the ceremony for the world. This makes Brady happy. He leaves. Marlena arrives. He tells her they have proof that Kristen's been cheating. She needs to sneak into the church and switch this DVD for the one Brady is playing for Kristen. She's reluctant and wants to see what's on it. He tells her there's no time. "You want a more graphic description? It's Kristen, sweating up the sheets with another man." Marlena wonders if it's Daniel. Victor says he wouldn't publicly humiliate his godson like that! Marlena sadly takes the DVD and goes.

Back at St. Luke's, Brady hands the DVD over to the sound guy. Sami arrives and Brady asks Father Eric to do a speed wedding so he can skip to the honeymoon. They share a laugh. Sami fusses with his tie and when he asks where the ring is, Sami can't find it. She panics and he shows Eric privately that he has it. Sami figures out he's teasing and laughing ensues. They think Brady's long honeymoon will allow everyone to take time to get used to the idea of Kristen marrying Brady. Brady hugs Eric. He owes him. They run off to sip champagne while Marlena slips in and attempts to switch the DVDs. The sound guy catches her. She tells him Brady sent her to switch DVDs. He relaxes and does so, then asks her to stay. He has to fix some equipment at another wedding. She's forced to be the one to play the video and wants to leave but Sami, Eric, and Brady return, forcing her to hide. Hope, Jenn, Maggie, and Victor arrive. Victor spots Marlena behind a curtain and she gasps. She has to get out of there. He tells her there's no time and closes the curtain. EJ and Kristen arrive at the vestibule and Marlena is forced to play the Wedding March as EJ walks Kristen down the aisle. Father Eric starts the ceremony and Marlena accidentally rips out a cord to the audio visual machinery. The lights go down and she attempts to play the DVD. She finds the cord, plugs it in and the video starts. Everyone gasps as they watch Father Eric having sex with the bride.

Caroline leaves Theresa with Anne at her apartment. Theresa's surprised she still has a job at the hospital. Anne urges her to get healthy and put this behind her.

From the Horton Square, JJ calls the hospital and learns Theresa's resting at home. Later, Anne walks up to Daniel with Parker and starts hounding him about his reputation. Daniel pulls her aside and takes her to task.

JJ arrives at Theresa's. She's surprised he knows her address. He realizes she doesn't recall the night of the overdose and asks how she is. She assures him she's fine and sends him away.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Cameron tells Abigail he's leaving Salem.

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