False Teeth As Wedding Souvenirs.

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Victor watches the sex tape, Sami walks in on EJ and Kristen arguing, and Gabi is contacted by a modelling agency.

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At Club TBD, Sami's rocked to her core that Gabi would let Nick back into her bed after all he has done to her. Has she no self-respect? Sonny shoots her a look and she says not to answer that. She texts Gabi, wanting to give her hell but later sends another text asking Gabi to ignore the first, when Sonny says Gabi was stressed and lonely and that she'll take it out on him if she finds out Sami knows.

At the Brady's Pub, Gabi tells Nick she received an email from Sparkle Modelling Agency. She assumes it's spam. He encourages her to go back to modelling but she can only see how many hurdles there are. She notices Sami's text and then the second one. Nick hands over a plush toy for Arianna from his mother. He leaves the table to text someone and Gabi calls Sparkle. Nick returns and she explains that Sparkle's interested in her. She's giddy with excitement and asks him to keep it under his hat for now. She goes and Nick looks at glam shots of her while dreaming of a life with her.

Marlena meets Victor at the Kiriakis mansion. His computer guy says the encryption on the flash drive is the most sophisticated he's ever seen. He calls someone to find a better hacker. Marlena leaves before Maggie returns. Some hacker dude arrives and Victor sends him into another room with the flash drive to decrypt.

Daniel arrives home to Nicole. He says he took a few days off. After some discussion, they decide to pursue what happened to Father Eric.

At the rectory, Brady attempts to find out why Father Eric's so upset about Nicole falling in love with him. Eric blurts out that what she did wasn't love and then promptly apologizes. Brady can see his brother's tortured but Eric doesn't want to ruin his big day. Brady mentions a DVD of him and Kristen he wants Eric to run during their vows. They share a tender moment as brothers and embrace. Brady goes and Marlena pops by. They talk about Theresa who is receptive to going to rehab and that Marlena's going to vouch for Daniel with the Ethics Committee. Eric's distant. He insists he's fine and hugs her. He's thankful she cares. She loves him. She'd do anything for him.

At the DiMera mansion, a disgusted EJ asks how Kristen could have sex with Father Eric. She feigns innocence but he overheard the whole conversation with Dr. Chyka. After a lot of yelling, she admits it's true. He's horrified. How could she? She explains the story and EJ blows a gasket after hearing there is a video. She's insane. She tells him not to judge. He has done far worse. Kristen's certain it'll never come out. Nicole took the blame. EJ says that's bad luck for Nicole. Kristen's confident Father Eric won't remember anything else but EJ knows Nicole won't let this go. Will he keep quiet? EJ doesn't like that she's going to drug Eric again. He can't lie to Sami. Last time he almost lost her. Kristen refuses to lose the man she loves because of his sudden attack of consciousness. She orders him to keep his big mouth shut just as Sami walks in. They cover and EJ vaguely says he supports a decision his sister made. Kristen goes upstairs and fondles a gun while Sami questions EJ.

Brady arrives home to the mansion and Victor grumps at him for taking three months off from the business without checking with him. Brady shows him the DVD tribute to Kristen. "Maybe you'll give out false teeth as wedding souvenirs. Better yet, you should pass out antacids," Victor quips. Brady's not impressed. He plans on making Kristen's day special. He leaves and the hacker returns with a DVD. It's ready. Alone, Victor watches it. When he sees Eric's face he rolls his eyes and sighs.

Marlena arrives to talk to Daniel about the Ethics Committee but he's on his way out so they decide to do it later. He goes and Nicole fishes and learns Marlena saw Eric today but he revealed nothing to her about his accusations. She loses it when Marlena asks what's going on and kicks Doc out.

Daniel goes to Father Eric at St. Luke's rectory to talk about Nicole. They butt heads when Daniel says he believes her version of the events.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

JJ feels guilty.

JJ visits Theresa.

The wedding begins.

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