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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Jordan overhears Rafe talking about her, Kate confides in Lucas about her investigation, and Kristen is confronted by EJ.

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In their room, Kristen has a nightmare about Eric confronting her. Brady asks if she's okay. He kisses her - there's nothing to worry about. Brady is confident his family and friends will soon see her the way he does. He tells her to get ready for breakfast and a surprise - her wedding gift.

In the square, Nick makes a call pretending to be Lucas to find out about Gabriel's availability. He learns the agency doesn't represent her but is planning to sign her. Later, Kristen and Brady sit down and watch a child greet her mother. He says they'll have that one day. He presents her with her gift - a three-month travel itinerary to see the world. "We're going off the grid, baby." She's thrilled. Once alone, Kristen phones someone to meet her at the mansion.

At the club, Sonny and Gabi fuss over Ari. Sonny says it's no problem for him. They discuss Will having a blast at Berkeley and how cool it is what he's doing.

At the pub, Kate rants into the phone about getting the information she needs. Lucas arrives and asks whose private life she's snooping into now. Kate lies that it's someone she's thinking of hiring. Lucas doesn't buy it. Kate talks about making sure everyone who interacts with Rafe is legitimate for his safety. Lucas wryly wonders if this is about the beautiful young P.A. Kate confides that according to her investigator, Jordan Ridgeway didn't exist a couple of years ago. Lucas wonders why she's borrowing trouble. She tells him to keep it to himself.

At the hospital, Jordan flashes to time spent with Rafe and tells herself it can't happen. She joins Rafe in his room and says an associate therapist will take him out. He muses, "This is about what happened last night." She says nothing happened. They bicker. He says he thought they were starting to become friends. Rafe thinks they're both a bit scared of connecting. He urges her not to push him away. Outside the room, Gabi gets a text from Nick asking to meet. She makes a plan for later and then goes in to see Rafe who is brooding about Jordan. He talks about the previous night and how he hopes they can be friends. Jordan listens and smiles. After, she tells Rafe they'll go to the pier.

Sami and EJ kiss and roll around in their bed. They talk about faking enthusiasm at Kristen and Brady's wedding. EJ is upset that Sami still hates his sister. Sami says the only positive is that Eric has agreed to bless the union - he's her hero. They joke about Eric being a better person than the two of them combined.

At the rectory, Eric senses someone behind him. "Your Excellency." The bishop asks if Eric needs to talk. Eric declines. He says he's very proud of Eric and talks about transferring him elsewhere to do good. Eric muses that a fresh start might be ideal. They discuss the Brady and Kristen wedding and how they've worked things out. Eric is complimented for helping them turn things around. Eric invites the bishop to the wedding. Brady arrives. The bishop exits and Brady asks if Eric will still perform the wedding ceremony. Eric says he will. Talk turns to Nicole. Eric rants that she didn't have her feelings under control at all. Brady is taken aback by Eric's intensity and asks what's going on. "What did Nicole do to you?"

EJ and Kate have a run-in in the square. He winds her up about Rafe spending so much time with Jordan.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen tells the doctor that Eric is remembering what happened to him. Right now he thinks it was Nicole, but what if he remembers it was her, while he's marrying her and Brady? She rants about the potential for catastrophe and warns the doctor to make sure it doesn't happen. He thinks he can come up with a way to keep things stable - he believes he can make the vague images in Eric's mind disappear. When he leaves, EJ booms, "Happy wedding day, dear sister!" He asks her, "How could you have sex with Father Eric?"

Sami visits Sonny and Ari at the club. She's glad Gabi came to her senses about Nick. Sonny admits they slept together and Nick wants her back.

Nick arrives at the pub and joins Gabi. He's carrying a gift. She says she just got a strange email.

Salem Spoiler for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

EJ is forced to lie to Sami.

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