Monday, November 4th, 2013

Victor and Marlena look at the flash drive together, Eric and Nicole have words, and JJ apologizes to Daniel.

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Jennifer walks in on Daniel and JJ in Dan's office at the hospital. They pretend JJ came by to rant. JJ leaves and Jennifer asks him for answers concerning Theresa. He says he never cheated on her. She's upset he's shutting her out. He says, "Now you know what it feels like." She runs off in tears and he does a face palm. Maxine finds Kate looking for Rafe in his room. She's jealous Jordan's taking Rafe for a walk. Maxine says Jordan grows on you. "So does flesh eating bacteria," Kate dead pans. Maxine laughs. In her office, Marlena finds a virus on the flash drive. By the hub, Eric and Hope gossip about Daniel dating Theresa.

Rafe wheels himself through the park with Jordan and gets her to talk about football. She tells him she had a rehab patient who played in the NFL but won't say who. He offers to share his sister's famous Mexican chocolate chip cookies but she's dieting. Rafe scoffs. "With that body?" He's glad to see her having such a good time and hands her a cookie. They share a moment when their fingers touch. She jumps up and decides it's time to go.

Kristen finds Nicole at Daniel's apartment. Nicole finds it strange that she's there so late especially on her wedding night. Brady walks in. He heard about Theresa's overdose and they get into it about 'saintly Jennifer' and she says Daniel can sleep with anyone he wants. As they argue, Kristen realizes Eric thinks Nicole's the woman he had sex with. Brady's sorry Eric learned the truth about her feelings for Eric. Nicole almost lets Eric's accusation slip but thinks twice and kicks Kristen and Brady out. Eric shows up. She thinks he's there to judge Daniel but he's not. She tells him it's obvious something happened to him and she's sorry for that but he has to know she's innocent. He doesn't believe her. She blurts out that if she wanted to seduce him she wouldn't need drugs. She thought he knew her better than that. She says she told Daniel everything and he believes her. They argue some more and Nicole throws a vase at him and yells to get out. He claims he loved her as a friend and trusted her.

Brady and Kristen walk through Horton Square. He doesn't get why Eric's so furious about Nicole's crush on him. He asks why Kristen was at Daniel's. She claims she wanted to find out what was going on with Jennifer. Brady decides to talk Daniel out of going to the wedding so Kristen's BFF can make it. Kristen doesn't want him there anyway, after what he did to Jenn.

Marlena goes to Victor at the Kiriakis estate. She's giddy and shows him Kristen's flash drive and tells him it's encrypted. He smiles. He can decrypt it! Victor goes into another room and when he returns, he pops it into his laptop. They find the video file but Marlena is concerned Daniel's on the tape with Kristen because of something she said. Victor calls it hogwash. "Daniel would never get involved with a whack job like that." Marlena says she found the flash drive in Daniel's office. Victor sighs. Marlena suggests not looking at the file and Victor says seeing Daniel with Kristen makes the gorge rise but they owe it to Brady. He attempts to open it but it requires a password.

JJ returns to Daniel's office. He thanks Daniel for covering. He was wrong about the doctor. JJ reveals he broke the MP3 player Chelsea gave him, he smashed Dan's car and Parker's train set. He didn't want Dan to be the good guy and is sorry. Dan says they have to act as though JJ hates him but if he hears he's into drugs again, JJ's on his own. They shake on it. Rafe and Jordan return to the hospital and Jordan meets Hope before leaving. Hope says Kate told her he's making progress. Rafe wishes she didn't feel guilty about the attack. Hope wonders about Jordan. "You like her," Hope singsongs. Rafe smirks and Hope teases him, while by the hub, Jordan smiles as she flashes to sharing a moment with Rafe. Kate walks up and offers to take Rafe on the next outing. Jordan says it's protocol that hospital staff goes with him. She leaves and Kate gets a call from her investigator who says Jordan didn't exist 'up until that time'.

Kristen and Brady find Jennifer at home. They tell her they'll ask Dan not to attend the wedding. Jennifer tries to stay positive. She's thrilled her friends are getting a happy ending. Kristen goes outside to take a call from Dr. Chyka. She confronts him about Eric's memories.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric wants to leave Salem.

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