Where The Sun Don't Shine.

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Victor believes Daniel's innocent, Nicole spills to Daniel about Eric's accusations, and Marlena watches the sex video.

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In Theresa's room at the hospital, Kayla tells her niece not to blow the second chance she's been given. Marlena is about to leave a note for Daniel in his office when she can't believe her luck and comes across the flash drive. She starts to laugh. Anne walks in, upset Marlena hasn't yet left a note for Dr. Dan about his questionable ethics. Marlena drops the flashdrive as she berates Anne for being a vigilante. Marlena doesn't like to pull rank but does so anyway. Anne refuses to take crap from Marlena so they argue. Marlena won't allow her to drag Daniel's name through the mud.

At home, Jennifer tells Brady Daniel brought his 'latest fling' Theresa to the hospital after she overdosed. Jenn says he's free to date who he wants but she wishes it wasn't that vindictive snake. Brady says this doesn't sound like Daniel. Hope and Kayla arrive. Jenn doesn't want to discuss it anymore and can't be at Brady's wedding while he's pledging his love. Hope gives 'cuz' a hug and Brady says he'll talk to Daniel. He goes and Kayla says Daniel's explanation seems innocent. Jenn asks them to go so she can be alone and once she is, she tries telling herself it doesn't matter.

At Daniel's apartment, he and JJ discuss their cover-up while Nicole walks out of the bedroom. JJ panics but Daniel says he'll explain. He gives JJ a key to his office and tells him to meet in an hour. Once he's gone, Daniel breaks it down for Nicole about covering up JJ doing drugs with Theresa. Nicole worries JJ's manipulating him and that he's risking his reputation for his mother. Nicole hates this and reminds him secrets always come out. Eventually, she promises to keep quiet and they agree that love sucks. As they talk, she lets it slip that she's in love with Eric. "Oh God," Daniel remarks. Nicole says he was the one who got away and she tried to keep her feelings to herself. Now Eric thinks she had motive to do what he thinks she did. Daniel questions her. She tells him the priest accused her of drugging and raping him. She fills him in on the details. Daniel is shocked he didn't get more details before accusing her. Nicole defends Eric but cries that she didn't do this. Dan believes her.

Father Eric finds Kristen at the rectory. He tells her he will marry her and Brady. She offers to lend an ear about his problem with Nicole but he declines.

Victor brings Maggie roses at the Kiriakis mansion and calls a truce. She declares a truce only if he promises he's not going to do something that will hurt a loved one. If he does, those roses are going 'where the sun don't shine'. "Thorns and all." Brady arrives and asks about Daniel and Theresa. Maggie says Daniel doesn't want to talk about it. Victor interrupts. As far as he's concerned, Daniel has done nothing wrong. Maggie goes to take a call from Chez Rouge and Victor tells Brady he'll be at his wedding tomorrow to watch him honor and love the psychopath of his dreams.

Abigail tells Sonny at Club TBD about Daniel dating the evil bitch Theresa Donovan. JJ walks in and Abby informs her brother about Theresa's fling with Daniel. JJ speaks poorly of Theresa, causing Abigail to be surprised. She thought he liked her. Sonny tells them Will just got to Berkeley and he doesn't want him to worry so kept the overdose from him. Gabi relays her break-up with Chad. They hope she's okay. JJ jokingly offers to beat up Chad.

After Anne leaves Daniel's office at the hospital, Marlena picks up the flash drive from the carpet. Kristen walks in and Marlena tells her Daniel left for the day. Kristen notices how jumpy Marlena is. They exchange barbs and Marlena says not to be so cocky. What if one of her skeletons fell out of the closet? Kristen doesn't keep secrets from Brady anymore and tells Marlena not to believe Nicole's lies about cheating. Father Eric pays Theresa a visit and asks how she is. She's embarrassed and confused. Eric gives her some platitudes. She notices he's not himself. Hope pops in. Eric leaves and runs into Anne while getting coffee. She spreads hospital gossip about Dan's so-called fling with Theresa. Brady goes to Kayla with the news but she has nothing extra to add. Meanwhile, back in her office, Marlena watches the flash drive in shock while Jennifer comes upon Daniel's covert meeting with JJ in his office.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole and Eric rehash his accusations.

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