Burning In Hell.

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Nicole goes to Daniel for support, Maggie walks in on Victor and Marlena arguing, and Jennifer backs out of attending Brady's wedding.

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At Jennifer's, Maggie says Daniel dating Theresa is so out of character. JJ listens in. Jenn plasters a smile on her face. She's fine. Maggie goes and JJ walks in. Abigail arrives and she insists she's fine after saying goodbye to Chad. JJ daydreams that Jenn has kicked him out after hearing he was doing drugs with Theresa when she overdosed. He tells them he has finally woken up. He's done with drugs. Jenn's relieved and forgiving.

Daniel and Maggie are there when Theresa comes to in the hospital. She vaguely remembers leaving work yesterday. Daniel says she'll be fine. Anne hovers outside and Daniel sends Maxine out to take care of 'that'. Daniel says Theresa overdosed and asks her to call as soon as she has any memories. He goes to the hub where Anne starts yelling at him. Daniel tells Anne his blood tests came back negative so he's cleared but since it was done by a female nurse, Anne doesn't believe it. She gets in his face and points at him, saying he seduces every woman in Salem. He gruffly tells her to leave him alone. She does and Maxine admits her disappointment in him. Jennifer arrives and the air gets chilly. Anne goes to Theresa's room to ask what happened between her and Dr. Kildare. She can't recall. Anne will cover it up for her. "I owe you," Theresa mumbles.

Marlena arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to an incensed Victor who feels left out of the loop. He snarks that he didn't get a text from Brady saying, "Wedding is off. Discovered bride to be is soul-sucking bitch. Lol." Marlena is unamused and doesn't like being yelled at. She feels bad enough that she blew her chance to stop Kristen. She is certain there's something incriminating on that flash drive. Victor remembers the good old days when proof of an affair meant lipstick on the collar and an earring in the bed. Meanwhile, the flash drive lies on Daniel's desk at work. Maggie walks in as Victor says Marlena's to blame if the wedding happens. She goes and Maggie's upset he's doing something behind her back. She asks him to fess up but he says he was comforting Marlena. They're not planning a coo. They're trying to protect Brady. She lets it go for now...

In the park, Brady lets Kristen know Eric's furious that he kept quiet about Nicole's attraction to him. Kristen will speak to Eric. She leaves and Hope walks up. Brady asks her if she's attending the wedding. She'll try. He wants Ciara to be the flower girl. Hope says she'd love to but she's in New York with her parents seeing Matilda. She admits she's relieved.

At St. Luke's rectory, Father Eric tells Nicole he won't go to the police about her raping him. She yells that nothing happened. "I didn't drug you and I sure as hell didn't have sex with you!" He says her track record speaks volumes. He thought she was his guardian angel but she defiled him. Nicole swears on a bible she didn't do it. He snaps that she took the Lord's name in vain but she asserts that she'd never abuse anyone. She was abused as a child. He doesn't believe her so hurt, she runs out. Kristen shows up and apologizes for not telling him she knew about Nicole's crush. Eric flies off the handle at the mere mention of Nicole's name, causing Kristen to fish for information. She gets nothing but assumes Eric remembers the sex.

Nicole sits down with a dirty martini at Club TBD and deletes Eric's photo from her cell phone.

Nicole bangs on Daniel's door desperately. He arrives and she's in tears. He holds her and she's exhausted mentally, so he takes her to his bed. She falls asleep and dreams Eric has her arrested. He says she's the 'evil whore' who drugged and raped him. She'll spend eternity burning in hell.

Brady drops by Jenn's. She tells him she can't make the wedding because Daniel moved on. She tells him about the overdose.

JJ drops by the hospital to check on Theresa but Anne's there so he goes. Marlena arrives. Anne tells her about Daniel's 'inappropriate' behavior and since Marlena's on the ethics committee she should do something about it. Marlena will talk to him but won't go on a witch hunt. She goes to Dan's office to leave him a note and finds the flash drive.

Hope and Abigail meet at the Brady's Pub. Abby says she's flying solo for a bit. Hope is proud and happy to hear JJ's done with drugs. Hope brings up Theresa's overdose. She lets it slip that she didn't realize Daniel was dating her.

JJ drops by Daniel's. Nicole overhears them talking about sticking to their story.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole tells Daniel everything.

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