Drugs Suck.

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Sami agrees to be Brady's best man, EJ threatens Lucas, and Cameron and Chad get into it.

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Lucas and Allie have lunch at the Brady's Pub. EJ drops off her earphones and talks up Lucas' great parenting skills. Lucas sends Allie to Caroline and EJ eats Allie's breakfast while he reminds Lucas of the custody agreement. Lucas will bring Allie home if Sami moves out but if not, he'll take his daughter out of the country if he has to... EJ picks up his cell phone. He's been recording their conversation. He blackmails him but insists he's not the bad guy. Lucas is pissed. EJ allows him another night with Allie and goes. Maggie arrives. When Allie returns and learns of the change in plans, she's bummed out because it's game night at home. She goes to help Caroline in the kitchen and Lucas expresses his disappointment to Maggie and brings up how unsafe it is at the mansion. He admits that he can't help but wonder if Sami's so deluded about EJ that she might put the kids at risk.

From Club TBD, Sami is annoyed when the hospital refuses to give her news on Theresa over the phone. Brady arrives and she fills him in on the overdose. "Drugs suck," she says. Brady asks her to be a witness at his wedding. EJ already agreed to be Kristen's maid-of-honor. They laugh about how unconventional it is. Sami agrees to it. They share a moment. They're amazed to be the only two who see merit in loving a DiMera but neither thinks the other's spouse has changed. Sami brings up her frustrations over Lucas wanting to take Allie out of the mansion then asks if John's going to the wedding. Brady says it can't happen and thinks her situation is a lot like his.

From the DiMera mansion, Kristen calls Stefano. He will be headed to Boston to be with Chad during his surgery and can't walk her down the aisle at the wedding. She's upset and almost postpones but he won't let her. He jokes about how much fun it'd be to see the reaction on everyone's faces if they knew what she did to Father Eric. She lectures him. Father Eric's a wonderful man and she wouldn't have had sex with him if she wasn't so out of her mind after losing Brady. She's in a better place.

Cameron checks on Chad while making his rounds. Chad asks how things went with Abby. He says Abby's furious with him and thinks he was handing her over on a silver platter. They argue and he goes when Kristen visits. Chad orders his sister not to postpone her wedding and they talk about Abigail and his lies. Kristen hopes he can work things out. Brady arrives and Chad asks him to take good care of his sister. "She's one of a kind." They leave and Kristen admits she almost postponed the wedding without his knowledge. She's sorry. He's not concerned. They kiss. Back inside Chad's room, Cameron returns. His surgeon is up to speed.

Abby vaguely tells Hope at the Horton Square about Chad's lie. She feels a loss of control over her life. Hope has been there. Abby feels this has given her wisdom but she feels stupid for letting Chad back into her life. Hope quotes Gran who used to say you can't choose who you love. Meanwhile at the park, Nicole has an idea on how to clear her name with Father Eric.

Father Matt finds a disturbed Father Eric at St. Luke's church. He asks what's wrong. Eric says he was arrogant and isn't sure if he sinned willingly or not. Father Matt worries. He's never seen him so lost. Does it have to do with Kristen DiMera? Eric denies that. This is about both something he did and what was done to him. He goes to the rectory office and calls Brady. His brother arrives shortly thereafter and Eric needs the truth...

Nicole goes to Martha's place and puts on the pressure for Martha to tell Eric the truth, that she couldn't have been at the hotel the same time Fay Taylor was the night Father Eric was ill because she called from the rectory about faxing Father Eric's notes. Martha doesn't recall the call and notes how Nicole's about to lose it. Nicole asks who is paying her off. Martha threatens to call 911 and throws Nicole out.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami receives a call from Lucas about bringing home Allie late. She says it's fine and notes the change in him regarding bringing his daughter back. Lucas doesn't want to start anything. He's just concerned. Sami calls him a good father, hangs up, and immediately confronts EJ. Did he threaten Lucas?

Back at the hospital, Chad asks Cam not to take advantage of Abigail while he's away. Cameron's astounded. He's not calling the shots. Abigail walks in as Cameron says Abigail wouldn't have even chosen him if Chad hadn't have lied about the tumor.

Kristen sees Nicole crying in the park.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sami confronts EJ.

Will leaves for Berkley.

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