A Cold One.

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Kate offends Caroline, JJ considers what he has done, and Daniel tells a lie to protect JJ.

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At the hospital, Daniel's vague about his reason for being at Theresa's place when Jennifer asks. Anne walks up. She heard Theresa OD'd on a sex drug. Jenn tells her to shut up and Maggie, Hope, and a hidden JJ listen while Jenn looks to Daniel for answers. Hope assumes he was the guy hiding in Theresa's bathroom earlier. He lets everyone hear Theresa's voicemail. JJ goes and Anne wonders if Daniel abused his access to drugs. Offended, he invites her to test him and look at Theresa's toxicology screen, then tells her to go to hell. Both stomp away. Karin heads into Theresa's room, upset to see her friend unconscious. The nurses gossip about Dr. Jonas conveniently being at Theresa's. Anne comes in and everyone goes. Anne brushes Theresa's hair from her face and gloats about how tormented Jenn is. Daniel goes into his office and sees JJ. He tells JJ to get rid of the drugs on him and they'll talk more in the morning. Jennifer arrives wanting to talk and Daniel hides him and opens the door to tell Jenn that it's clear what happened. He walks away and she finds him at the hub. She wants an explanation. "Of all the women in the world you chose Theresa?" Anne, Hope, and Maggie listen as she rants. Daniel says nothing. She goes. Later, Anne paces as his blood is drawn in his office. Later, he visits Theresa and is bugged by a nurse assuming he's into his patient. He goes to the hub and Hope and Maggie jump on him.

Still on the clock, Jordan brings Rafe to The Brady's Pub for real life experience. When Caroline sees them she runs into Rafe's arms. "Where have you been all my life?" she asks, playfully. Jordan smiles, taking in the scene. She mistakes Jordan for Rafe's new girlfriend and is pleased but Jordan starts stammering that this isn't what it looks like. Rafe introduces them and Caroline says that's a shame. "Can he have a cold one?" Caroline asks. Jordan allows one and Caroline goes to get it while Rafe wonders if the idea of someone thinking they're together terrifies her so. Jordan denies it. Caroline returns with beer and it's a struggle but Rafe sits in a chair on his own. Jordan talks about the nerve damage and atrophy Rafe has experienced. Caroline notes she's serious but Rafe says she's really not.

On the phone at Mandalay, Kate digs into Jordan's past. Nick comes along and she hands over a massive check for the recent work he has done. He's surprised. She invites him to work for her full-time but he says it's impossible because he has plans to leave Salem. Talk turns to Will and Nick's happy for the happiness they have. He mentions developing something she and Countess Wilhelmina will like. She wishes him well and goes. He wonders if she'd still wish him well if this turns out the way it should.

Gabi comes across Cameron deep in thought in the park. He's vague and tells her he handled something incredibly poorly but she thinks sometimes mistakes can turn out to be blessings. They decide go for coffee.

At Club TBD, Cameron and Gabi talk about her courses in biology and her inability to dissect her frog, Kermit. They hold hands just as Nick arrives. Cameron's paged and leaves so Nick takes his place. He asks to see photos of Arianna. She shows him. They discuss Will's fellowship and Nick brings up Gabi's modelling dreams. She says those were shut down after having Ari. Nick thinks it can still happen.

Kate stops by The Brady's Pub. Jordan goes to make a call and Caroline pours a beer at the bar for Kate and tells her how surprised she is to see her with Rafe. Kate assumes her Alzheimer's has made her forgot but that's not what Caroline's getting at. Outside, Jordan listens as someone tells her Kate's digging into her past again. Inside, Rafe talks to Kate about wanting his life back. Jordan heads back inside. Rafe wheels off to get more beer and the girls try to play nice.

At Horton Square, JJ shakes his head remembering smashing the storefront windows. Bev gives him a hug. He tells her he's not okay and there's something he has to do.

JJ goes home and tells Jennifer he's sorry and he's home. He's done hurting everyone and was wrong about many things. Jenn's eyes shine and she hugs him.

At home, Gabi talks to Arianna about Nick's conversation.

From his room, Nick sends out an email on Gabi's behalf for work as a model. He felt a connection with her today. Nothing will get in the way of them building a life together.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sami is moved by what her step-brother does.

Nicole tries again to clear the accusations against her.

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