The Lie Just Slipped Out.

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Abigail reacts to Chad's confession, Sami and EJ argue, Will and Sonny decide to celebrate, and Theresa's brought to the hospital.

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At Theresa's apartment, JJ tries in vain to wake her and calls someone with her cell.

Will talks to Arianna at Club TBD about how long of a week it's going to be away from her, especially on her first Hallowe'en. Sonny promises to take tons of videos. He gifts him a new shirt for his trip and gets a kiss in return. Sonny read Will's essay. It was amazing. Will's a bit embarrassed but Sonny hopes he can live up to how Will sees him.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami relays Lucas' refusal to bring Allie back after their visit. She doesn't blame him for being worried something terrible will happen to their daughter. EJ argues that their house is protected around the clock. They disagree on whether or not Stefano has changed. Sami talks about being a mother first. She can't lose Allie. EJ vows she won't. She doesn't want to leave but...EJ tells her to stop listening to the goody voice in her. That same one that tells her she should be with a good guy like Rafe. Sami asks him not to bring Rafe into this. They argue and things get hot. They're ready to make love when Will and Sonny arrive with the baby. Will breaks the good news and Sami and EJ are happy for him.

In his room at the hospital, Chad confesses to lying to Cameron about dying of a brain tumor when there was nothing wrong with him. Abigail can't believe what she's hearing. Chad explains Cam found a shadow on the scan and for a time, he thought he was dying. He freaked out. Abigail's disgusted. He explains he was about to tell Cam the truth when he came upon them kissing and says, "The lie just kind of..." Abigail asks, "What it just kind of slipped out?" He confirms, yes. It shouldn't change anything but she says their love was built on a lie. She admits that day in the park, she was going to choose Cameron. Her eyes brim with unshed tears as she feels foolish. She wishes him luck with his surgery in Boston and goes.

At home, Daniel dreams of making love to Jennifer yet wakes up alone.

Jennifer bursts into the living room of the Horton house hoping to find JJ but she finds Hope alone. Jenn has a terrible feeling that her son's in trouble.

From Theresa's, JJ calls Daniel and implores him to rush over to Theresa's. She needs his help. Later, Daniel arrives and orders JJ to call 911. Flustered, JJ tells Daniel about the pot and the GHB. Daniel calls 911 when JJ is frozen to the spot.

Hope and Jennifer meet Rory and Bev at the Hallowe'en decorated Horton Square. JJ's friends agree to help find him.

Back at Daniel's, JJ receives a call from Bev but Daniel orders him not to answer her call. If the judge finds out he was here, he'll be in prison. He tells JJ to go home and tell nobody of this. JJ rushes off while Daniel tries to bring Theresa around by showering with her. The paramedics arrive and everyone books it to the hospital.

Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ takes a call from Chad, who needs him. EJ leaves and Sonny takes Arianna off to see the kids while Will explains he's leaving tomorrow. Will asks if everything's okay with her and EJ. She just wants to make sure she doesn't make another mistake. Will thinks if she loves EJ, she should marry him.

Back at the Horton Square, neither Bev nor Rory can get in touch with JJ. Jennifer tells them how much she loves her son. She asks them to call her if they see him. Don't let him make a mistake that could ruin the rest of his life. They go and Jenn refuses to shed another tear for her son. Later, with sexy guitar music playing, Will and Sonny kiss. With Ari asleep and Gabi out for the evening, they grin. What'll they do with themselves?

JJ arrives home but has to know what's going on. He runs off.

Hope and Jenn arrive at the hospital and overhear Karin and an nurse gossiping about Theresa and Dr. Jonas. Hope tells them off but Jennifer comes to their rescue. They're just repeating Theresa's own gossip. When Daniel and the paramedics arrive with Theresa, Jennifer and Hope wonder how Daniel knew she was in trouble. How did he even know where she lives? Behind them, JJ runs up and eavesdrops. Daniel sees him and says, "I uh. I was just there." In Chad's room, he tells his brother he confessed to Abby. EJ tries to put a positive spin on it.

Abby meets Cameron at the parkette. She knows the truth about Chad. He's glad. She yells at him for handing her over to him like a prize. He tries to explain but she slaps him and storms off.

EJ returns to the DiMera mansion and Sami says she doesn't care what anyone says, she's not walking away.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

JJ makes an unexpected move.

Jordan has a realization.

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