Anne Milbauer's Almost Right About Me.

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Theresa and JJ get intimate after taking drugs, Lucas offers Jennifer support, Stefano shocks Sami with an apology, and Chad needs further surgery.

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In the DiMera mansion's great room, Stefano tells Sami almost every word she said to him at the hospital about being responsible for Chad's shooting was true. He tells her about his pact with God to change. Sami's sceptical. "I'll wait with bated breath," she says sarcastically. From the bottom of his heart, he apologizes for everything he has put her through. Sami's eyeballs pop out of her head in shock. She doesn't know what to do with this but he wants to make it up to her. Lucas arrives to pick up Sami. Stefano tells her Allie is a sweet girl and he's invited anytime he pleases to visit her. He goes and Lucas is stunned by his gesture. She calls him the new and improved phoenix - he seems sincere. Lucas snorts and worries about his kid living there. They start arguing. She doesn't want to uproot Allie based on one incident. Lucas gives her a few days to think about letting Allie go live with him. He's tired of her and EJ and their 'thug life'. He'll bring Allie to her in a few days only if she's not living there.

At University Hospital, Chad informs EJ that Cameron knows about him faking the tumor. EJ knows. He explains he told Cameron in order to save his life and thinks he'd better tell Abby soon so he can spin the story. EJ's called away. At the hub, Abigail confronts Cameron about something being off about Chad while Maxine gives the latest labs for Chad to Kayla in her office. The reports don't look good. Maxine leaves and a specialist, Dr. Phillips, calls. They agree they need to take care of Chad's condition immediately. Back by the hub, EJ sees Cameron telling Abby to talk to Chad. EJ goes to Kayla's office. She wants to consult with Chad's tumor specialist. Cameron enters and says there is no tumor.

Lucas shows up on Jennifer's door to lend support to her and talk sense into JJ. He remembers his own tumultuous past. Jenn thinks that's nice but doesn't know where JJ is. She's off to the office to get some work to bring home. "I have been so distracted that Anne Milbauer is almost right about me."

At her apartment, Theresa shows JJ GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid - what they call the date rape drug). He thought they were going to hook up. They are and the sex will be off the charts. He's concerned about the dosage since she's been drinking and smoking weed but she shrugs it off and they drink up. He drinks very little. She teases him about being a drug virgin and pushes the GHB on him. He declines so she drinks his, too, and they start to make love until Theresa falls unconscious.

Abigail visits Chad in his room back at the hospital. She thinks his feelings for her have changed. Meanwhile, Maxine shows Jennifer the smashed photo of her and Daniel and drags her off to discuss it elsewhere. She needs a drink! Back in Kayla's office, she's incensed that Chad lied but tells EJ there are serious complications with Chad's injury. There's damage to his celiac artery. There's a cardiac surgeon in Boston he'll need to see. EJ will take care of everything and send his brother there tomorrow. He shakes his head at Cam before leaving. Kayla apologizes to Cam - he had every right to question Chad's treatment. Back in Chad's room, he assures Abby he still loves her. He's about to tell her the truth when Kayla interrupts. She tells him about the damage to his artery needing to be repaired. He'll need a few weeks of recovery. EJ meets with Stefano outside to update him on Chad's situation and Stefano agrees to go with Chad to Boston. He vows things will change between them. Abigail's sent out of Chad's room so Kayla and Chad can discuss his lies. She leaves and once she returns, he starts to confess.

Jenn and Maxine drink beer at The Brady's Pub. Jenn assumes Daniel threw their picture in the trash. Maxine doesn't want her to let him give up on her but Jenn can't give him what he wants right now. She has to accept it's over. Maxine agrees. Jenn wonders if Maxine thinks she threw it all away because of JJ. Maxine does and tells her about the rumors about Dan and Theresa having a fling. Jennifer laughs at that in disbelief.

EJ arrives home to the DiMera mansion and updates Sami on Chad's condition. She's drinking and angrily tells him about Lucas' refusal to bring Allie back to the house.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

JJ turns to Daniel for help with Theresa.

Jenn gets wind of the Daniel/Theresa sex rumors.

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