Dan The Man.

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

JJ and Theresa smoke drugs and get amorous, Jennifer asks Hope to arrest JJ, and Nicole tries to get Father Eric to believe she didn't rape him.

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Stefano surprises Daniel with a visit to his office at the hospital. He thanks him for saving his son's life. It's a little awkward and Stefano offers to repay his debt by getting rid of Theresa. Daniel refuses.

Theresa gets tipsy at her apartment with JJ. She asks if he has any coke or weed but he doesn't. If he gets caught with any of that he's in for it. She gets on top of him and starts kissing him. He's not really into it so he pulls out some weed. She approves. "This is the JJ I know and love." After they've smoked, they commiserate about their stiff parents and make-out. JJ hears a noise and gets paranoid. He opens the window to get the smell of marijuana out and wonders if they're being spied on. Theresa laughs and opens the door. "This place is like a morgue after 9 PM." He goes to the bathroom so she leaves Daniel a message on his phone, calling him 'Dr. What A Waste' because he's wasting his time on Jennifer.

From the Horton house, Jennifer ignores Abigail's pleas not to turn JJ in and calls Hope over. Abigail says doing time with thieves and murderers won't really straighten him out. It'll destroy JJ's life. Hope shows up and they fill her in about JJ leaving home with dope. Jenn blames herself for letting him walk all over her. Hope doesn't like it. Jenn guesses he's at Theresa's so Hope agrees to try to talk to Theresa and bring JJ home if he is there.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen denies the accusations Nicole made about her cheating on Brady. He believes her. She starts yelling about how much she hates Nicole and Brady can tell something else is up. She admits it's not Nicole. The fertility specialist had bad news for her today. Brady gives her comfort and leaves. Later, Kristen rants to Stefano about Nicole's accusations. She smashes a doll's head into the piano and yells that she should have ripped Nicole's face off when she had sex with Brady. He can never find out or she'll lose him forever.

At St. Luke's, Father Eric accuses Nicole of drugging him and raping him. She's speechless and confused. She could never do anything to hurt him. He says he didn't want to believe it but the evidence kept piling up. Nicole denies any of it but he persists. She yells, "No, no, no, no," and tells him she went to the capitol to bring him his notes for the meeting. When she got there he was already ill. Eric tells her about the hotel clerk's story about Fay Taylor. Nicole calls that a coincidence. Father Eric points out how she refuses to discuss that night out of guilt but she screams that the reason she wouldn't discuss it is because Father Matt asked her not to because it was stressing Eric out. She sobs as she tries to get him to believe her but says if he doesn't believe her then he never really knew her. He thinks he's finally getting a glimpse of the real her. She yells 'to hell with him and God' and smashes the flowers before walking out.

Abigail goes to the Kiriakis mansion to beg Maggie to talk Jennifer out of getting JJ arrested. Maggie sides with Jennifer. Abigail won't let this happen. She storms out.

When Hope arrives at Theresa's place, JJ stays in the bathroom. Hope asks if she's seen JJ but Theresa denies it and says she's got some other naked guy inside. She shuts the door behind her. JJ comes out of the bathroom and jealously asks about the guy was she was leaving a message for. She didn't want to wait for him to grow up and wanted to party so she called 'Dan the man' to get the job done. He's pissed to hear Daniel was over earlier so she taunts him until he kisses her hard and starts to make love to her. She stops and pulls out some liquid drug and tells him they're going on the ride of their lives.

Back at the hospital, Daniel listens to Theresa's message but half-way through his phone battery dies.

Maggie comes upon Brady outside Daniel's apartment. Neither can get a hold of him and since Maggie's distraught, they take off to get coffee at the Brady pub while they look up the next AA meeting.

Hope returns to Jennifer's having not found JJ. Jennifer worries about where JJ will sleep tonight. Hope tells 'cuz' to think positively. Abigail arrives and begs Hope not to arrest her brother. Hope assures her they've decided to wait a day.

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Jennifer worries about JJ.

Kayla has surprising news concerning Chad's recovery process.

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