A Doctor Who Makes House Calls.

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Theresa and Jennifer make a public scene, Daniel tells JJ he's on his side, and Will gets an offer Sonny and Gabi won't let him refuse.

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Hope visits Rafe at his room at University Hospital and hears he's getting stronger. She's glad. They need him back on the force. Meanwhile, Jordan overhears Kate calling for a background check on her in the rehab room and confronts her. Kate won't let Jordan hurt Rafe and can't help but remember what Bernardi almost did to Rafe. Jordan calls Kate paranoid but invites Kate to investigate her all she wants but she'll find nothing. She leaves and Maxine arrives. They discuss Jordan and Maxine vouches for her. By the hub, Jenn threatens to kill Theresa if she doesn't leave JJ alone. They argue and Jenn condescends that people like Theresa wind up in a junk pile. Theresa shrugs. She'll hang out with Daniel instead. Doctors and nurses eavesdrop and Theresa calls Jenn's love for JJ a trap. Jenn considers maybe this is how Theresa sees her own parents. Theresa thinks the parents should all just give up. She should. JJ would be better off. Jenn slaps her across the face and starts yelling. Meanwhile, Hope leaves Rafe's room and Gabi pokes her head in to show Rafe videos of Arianna rolling over. He's jealous she can do more than him. He notices she's in a good mood and assumes it's due to Dr. Davis. Gabi's happier than she has been in a long time. She leaves and Jordan takes Rafe outside for fresh air.

At their apartment, Adrienne is glad Sonny and Will are safe. She's considering asking Justin to represent Marge pro-bono. Will has a canary. Marge tried to kill his mother and EJ. He accuses her of being blinded by her hatred of Sami but Adrienne thinks Sami would agree that Marge is sick and needs help. "If you caught her on the right day," Will concedes. Adrienne goes and Will takes a call. He learns his professor entered an essay of his into a literary competition at Berkley which won a fellowship. He turns them down, upsetting Sonny.

Daniel stops JJ in the Horton Square to tell him he won't testify against him if it goes to trial. He's on JJ's side and lets him know he's out of Jenn's life for good. "You win." He asks that JJ not take his mother for granted and go home. JJ snarks that it's none of his business.

Hope picks up lunch at the Brady Pub and hears Nick's looking for work all over the country. She agrees things in Salem are pretty much over for him and hopes he can move on the way Gabi has. When she's gone, Nick wonders who Gabi's involved with.

Daniel arrives at work and finds everyone watching Jennifer and Theresa yell at each other. When Theresa walks away, Jenn whines to Daniel that she hates Theresa before going home. Maggie turns up and starts gossiping to her son about what's going on.

Sonny goes to talk to Gabi at Club TBD to tell her she's dating a hero. Nick eavesdrops and hears she's dating Cameron and listens as they agree that Will needs to take the opportunity at Berkley. Sonny goes to tell Will and Nick says hello to Gabi on her way out. Once she's gone, he calls around for modelling gigs for her. He wants her away from Cameron Davis.

Adrienne pops by Jenn's hoping she didn't miss the welcome home party for JJ but hears he isn't home. Jenn has no idea where he is or when he's returning. He only cares about getting high. She cries that Theresa's got her claws into him. Adrienne tries giving her a pep talk but Jenn knows her son will end up in prison and has to prepare herself.

Theresa walks up to JJ at the Horton Square and flirts a little. She asks if he's holding. (If he has drugs on him.) He scoffs so she tells him to think of it and call her. Once he leaves, she screws up her face. She doesn't like how sober he's acting. She calls her dealer for something stronger than weed. In the park nearby, Rafe shares a childhood story about Arianna and Jordan almost tells her own story but clams up. Kate rushes up with a quick apology for Jordan. When Kate leaves, Rafe asks what happened. Jordan asks Rafe to let it go while Kate mumbles to herself. Now that everyone is friends, Jordan won't see it coming.

Sonny and Gabi return home and cajole Will into going to Berkley until he agrees to do it.

Theresa purrs when she finds Daniel at her door. "I like this. A doctor who makes house calls."

JJ heads home to pick something up and when he tries to leave, Jenn snipes if he walks out, she never wants to see him again.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Kristen hears back from the specialist.

Daniel gets a big surprise.

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