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Friday, October 18th, 2013

JJ and Jennifer argue, Sami and EJ decide to postpone the wedding, and Jennifer attacks Theresa.

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Cameron and Chad argue about Chad's reason for faking the brain tumor when Abby walks into his hospital room. Cameron covers but Abby doesn't appear to buy it so Cameron says the rest is doctor/patient confidentiality. He goes and Abby gives Chad a protection charm Jack gave her and snuggles in beside him. She admits she told her mother they made love. She wanted her mother to know about their honest and perfect relationship. Meanwhile, Kate eavesdrops at the hospital rehab room as Rafe blames himself for Chad's shooting. Kate leaves after Rafe tells Jordan it goes back to his affair with Kate. Kate stops Cameron and Maxine at the hub and fishes for information on Jordan's background. Neither can help her. Back in the rehab room, Jordan tells Rafe to stop treating Marge like a victim. She becomes worked up as she explains that Marge couldn't cope and that's why someone almost died.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami admits to EJ she doesn't know if she wants to marry him. What if he was shot and killed? "Trouble haunts this house," she says, reminding him she was there when Mayor Marino was murdered. She doesn't feel safe with Stefano in charge. EJ thinks her 'silly' ideas are coming from Roman. Sami says Roman wants to be sure she's not making a big mistake. EJ doesn't like being thought of that way and grits his teeth. Sami doesn't feel that way and she makes her own decisions. EJ wonders if she's still in love with him but it's not about that, she argues. It's about keeping her family safe. EJ reasons that Stefano knows he's partially to blame. Sami's thinks he's reaching so he suggests they postpone the wedding. Sami snaps maybe they should just cancel it! He shouts at her not to give up. She's not but wants time to think. EJ asks her not to do anything rash. They kiss and he goes. Later, Sami flashes to a few past altercations with Stefano and seethes. She flashes to making love with EJ and looks tortured.

Theresa meets Karin at the Brady Pub and purposefully drops the broken photo of Daniel and Jennifer on the table. "You weren't supposed to see that," she blurts. Theresa stammers as she claims it was accidentally thrown in with some charity items she's bringing to the hospital for a friend. Anne eats lunch nearby and smirks as Karin assumes Theresa is having sex with Dr. Jonas. Theresa says her claims aren't substantiated and she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Karin offers to take the items to charity for her and takes off with the photo. Theresa goes to Anne and they chuckle, thinking Karin will get the hospital rumor mill going. Anne hopes the lies won't come back to bite them.

Maggie interrupts Daniel and Parker's roughhousing at home to tell him about JJ's plea bargain. Daniel already heard. Maggie tells Dan to go to Jenn but he's staying out of it. "But Daniel," she shrills. Daniel says Jenn's putting JJ first but Maggie doesn't hear him.

Jennifer makes an attempt to force JJ to stay home but he has other ideas. He whines that she didn't inform him about his father raping his aunt. Jenn confesses she was trying to protect him from the pain. He laughs sardonically. They continue to argue. She asks if he wants people to think he's a liar, and a drug dealer and asks him to stay away from his friends and Theresa. He refuses and takes off. Maggie arrives and Jenn weeps. She thinks JJ's going to prison. Maggie is supportive as Jenn cries that she's out of answers. "If my son goes to prison I'm gonna die." She decides to get to work.

Back at the hospital, Karin shows Maxine the broken photo and she leaves it behind the desk for either Jenn or Daniel to find. Kate goes back to the rehab room and touches base with Rafe. Jordan wheels him away and when she returns, she hears Kate calling for a background check on her. Back in Chad's room, he tries to justify his lie. When Theresa returns, she taunts "Jenn Jenn" about missing a call from JJ so Jenn attacks her and throws her up against the wall. "Stay away from my son or I will kill you."

JJ meets Rory and Bev in the park. Rory hands over some pot and JJ gets in his friend's face when he brings up what Jack did. They offer support and comfort but JJ won't have it and walks away.

In the park near the Horton Square, Abby comes across EJ sitting alone. They talk about Chad's progress. At the square, JJ leaves a message for Theresa and runs into Daniel who wants to talk.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Theresa gets a surprise when it comes to Daniel.

Jordan rips Kate apart.

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