Casual Relationship With The Truth.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Brady ends his friendship with Nicole, Martha fills Father Eric in on being bribed the night he took ill, and EJ questions why Sami wants to postpone the wedding.

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After JJ pleads not guilty and bail is denied in the courtroom, Justin asks for a plea deal. JJ pleads guilty and gets probation and community service. The judge says, "Seriously?" Justin says Dr. Kayla Brady and Detective Hope Brady can attest to there being extenuating issues that caused JJ to act out. The judge notes they're both related to the boy and tells JJ to play Powerball because of his string of good luck. The judge agrees to the plea deal if JJ moves home. For now, JJ's free. If he slips up, he gets five years in prison.

At the Brady Pub, Johnny asks Sami why 'that woman' shot Uncle Chad. Sami tells him her husband died and it made her sick. She didn't mean to hurt him but says they should focus on Chad getting better. Johnny asks if the wedding is postponed. Caroline interrupts. She sends Johnny for cupcakes and Sami says they want Chad to be a part of the wedding so they'll wait. Caroline's memory slips and she speaks of Shawn in present tense. Sami's face falls and she takes her grandmother's hand. Caroline realizes her mistake. Sami kisses and hugs her. She doesn't know what she'd do without her.

Chad wakes up with EJ at his side at University Hospital. Cameron walks up unseen as EJ tells his brother he saved his life and that nobody else was hurt. Marlena walks into Daniel's office, stunned to find Kristen and hear Eric's marrying Brady and her in a few days. Kristen backtracks. This must be demoralizing for Marlena. The doctor shrugs it off and Kristen asks her to give John her best. Marlena tells her to stop gloating. She flashes to scheming with Nicole and says she's sure nothing will stop Kristen from marrying Brady. Files fall off Daniel's desk, along with the flash drive and Maxine interrupts. There could be confidential information in the files so she picks them up as the ladies go. Back in Chad's room, he moans that Abigail can't find out about the tumor. EJ flashes to telling Cameron the truth and says he knows he blackmailed him into moving into the mansion. Chad knows Stefano gave him no choice. He falls asleep. EJ later meets with Cameron and they rehash keeping Chad's secret. Cameron goes to Chad once he's awake and Chad realizes he knows about the tumor being fake. He panics.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole accuses Kristen of cheating on Brady but she doesn't know who with. Brady needs proof and accuses her of lying. They argue and Brady says, "You have such a casual relationship with the truth, you don't even see when you're lying anymore." He kicks her out of his life.

At St. Luke's rectory, Martha tells Father Eric she could tell Fay Taylor was up to no good the night at the hotel. Fay paid with cash, wore a bad wig and used a fake accent. She was thankful Nicole showed up. "Her timing was...uncanny," but Martha wonders if Nicole was Fay Taylor in disguise. Father Eric shows Martha a photo of Nicole but she can't be sure. Kristen pops her head in momentarily and Martha finds her familiar but says nothing. Once Kristen goes, Martha admits Fay bribed her to give her the room with the adjoining door next to his while Nicole bribed her to find Father Eric. They ponder this and Martha leaves. Eric realizes the sex was real - and thinks it was with Nicole.

JJ arrives home with Hope, Abigail, Jennifer, and Justin. Hope never wants to see his handsome face around the station again unless it's to say hello. Abby and JJ share a moment. He tells her he loves her and to go be with Chad.

Marlena meets Nicole at Club TBD and they discuss Kristen and Brady marrying sooner. Nicole admits she let it slip that Kristen cheated. "Oh my stars, why would you do that?" Marlena demands. Nicole thought she could help but they agree he'll never listen. Marlena's sorry Brady cut Nicole out of his life.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ takes a call from the caterers who wanted to confirm designs on the ice sculptures. He thinks she's going overboard. She laughs and agrees. She tells him she thinks they should postpone their wedding. He asks if she's looking for a way out of marry him.

Kristen and Brady kiss at the park. Kristen wonders if Sami and EJ will be jealous they're marrying first.

Abigail walks into Chad's room at the hospital as Chad says "You told Abigail," to Cameron. She questions him.

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Jennifer worries she has lost JJ forever.

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