The Black Roses.

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Kristen and Brady are able to move their wedding date up, Nicole can't find a suitable candidate to take over her job, and Theresa plays games.

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In bed, at the DiMera mansion, Kristen wonders if it's the DiMera's turn to be cursed since they've cursed so many lives. St. Luke's calls. There's been a cancellation and they can marry in a few days. Excited, they yelp and run to tell everyone.

From St. Luke's rectory, Father Eric calls Martha at the hotel in the capitol to talk about the night he fell ill but she can't discuss it. The guy on duty that night left town and her boss is worried about a lawsuit. They hang up and he receives a call from the agency Nicole's using. They complain about Nicole's interviews. Later, Martha calls. She's on her way to Salem.

At the hospital, Theresa fingers Daniel's bracelet while gossiping to Anne about Jenn finally arriving for work. Theresa "accidentally" drops the bracelet. Abby points out it's Daniel's and Theresa claims to have found it in the locker room. Jenn scowls. She doesn't have time for her games. They leave and the volunteer candy-stripper, Karen, has been watching the entire exchange. She asks Theresa how she really got Dr. Dan's bracelet. Anne tells Karen they can't discuss it because of the honor code.

Hope arrives at Daniel's apartment. He's not going to JJ's arraignment. He doesn't want to set him off. Hope's not optimistic. Judge Goldberg may make an example of JJ. Dan's upset to learn he may be called to testify. They talk about not always having control and he recalls feeling useless when his wife died. He feels the same now about Jenn.

Justin goes to JJ at the Salem Police Department jail. He lectures JJ who pouts that Sonny knew about the rape before him. Justin says Jack wasn't perfect. He put his past behind him and led an honorable life. Now JJ needs to stop the pity party and do the same thing. He says Chad was shot and almost died. It could have been Abigail. JJ's stunned. Justin agrees this is difficult but he needs to put it in perspective. Upstairs, Hope, Jenn, and Abigail await the arraignment. A cop brings JJ in. He heard about Chad and asks how his sister is. She tells him Chad will be fine. JJ's sorry he wasn't there for her. Later, JJ pleads not guilty when the time comes and the judge refuses bail due to his shenanigans.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole finishes interviewing a candidate for the rectory position. She won't hire her and the woman assumes there is a reason she won't let go of the position. Nicole insists there's nothing left to let go of. She stomps out.

Daniel arrives at the hospital and Theresa hands over the bracelet. He thanks her and leaves. She thought he'd be more grateful. Karen and a few nurses are watching so Anne tells her to keep smiling. Daniel left his keys behind so she has another chance. Theresa leaves. In his office, Daniel pops in the flash drive to his computer. He's about to watch when Kristen arrives. Meanwhile, Theresa returns. She made an extra key to Daniel's apartment and hands over the keys for Anne to return to Daniel. Back in Dan's office, Kristen thanks him for saving Chad's life. She tells him about the new wedding date. He'll be there. He vows things with Jennifer won't be weird. Kristen encourages him not to let go of Jennifer. A nurse brings in his keys and Kristen fills him in on the last test from the fertility specialist. She's not sure she deserves the one reward she wants in this world. They chat a bit and Daniel is paged for surgery. Kristen stays to make a few calls.

Nicole arrives at St. Luke's rectory. She complains about the interviewees sent to her not working out. He says the agency called. The recruiter believes she's looking for a reason not to hire the best candidate. This gets Nicole's ire up. Brady interrupts to tell his brother about the wedding cancellation. Nicole makes a smart remark and leaves while Brady hopes Eric's not going to "sign the card on the black roses that the rest of the family's going to be sending." He leaves and later, Martha arrives. He asks about Fay Taylor.

Theresa lets herself into Daniel's apartment and kicks one of Parker's toys. She could get used to living there but the kid would have to go. She sits on Dan's sofa and looks at the broken photo of Dan and Jenn and assumes Dan is over Jenn. She takes it with her when she goes.

At Horton Square, Nicole worries about Brady. She gets an idea and runs.

Nicole goes to Brady at the Kiriakis mansion and tells him he can't marry Kristen because she's been unfaithful.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole's plan backfires.

Sami stuns EJ with her decision...

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