Can't See The Forest For The Trees.

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Nicole is upset by Eric's decision, Chad is rushed into surgery, and the DiMeras play the blame game at the hospital.

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At the engagement party, Chad goes down after Marge fires her gun. Sami screams at Marge. EJ jumps in front of Sami. Marge hollers that she wanted to take EJ from Sami because she took Joe from her. EJ challenges her to shoot him then. Will grabs Marge from behind and the situation is diffused. As Cameron and EJ attend to Chad, Sami and Will hold Stefano back from Marge. "You stupid bitch!" Abigail is frantic over Chad.

In the square, Ciara tells Hope that she'd like to be a bridesmaid for Brady and Kristen. Hope says they haven't asked her yet. Ciara thinks they will - everything will be perfect like when Hope and Bo got married. Hope gets a call and they have to go.

At the hospital, Daniel asks Eric if the name of the woman staying in the next hotel room helped him remember. Eric says no. Daniel invites him to his office to talk. Daniel's sitter stops by with the flash drive Parker found at the park. Daniel tells Eric they'll find out what's on it now.

Walking through the streets, Nicole recalls her conversation with Marlena about the flash drive belonging to Kristen.

In the pub, Kristen tells Jennifer that Eric has agreed to marry her and Brady. Nicole enters and hears. Jennifer excuses herself to take a call from Justin. Nicole exchanges insults with Kristen and warns, "We will find out what you're hiding." Kristen doesn't think Nicole would like it if she knew what she'd done. They bicker about Brady and Eric. Kristen tells Nicole even if Eric hadn't taken a vow of chastity, he wouldn't be picking over any old roadkill like her. Jenn returns. Nicole says she's sorry about JJ, and warns that hanging out with Kristen won't make things better. After, Jenn cautions Kristen to be wary of Nicole.

Hope arrives at the shooting scene as Chad is taken to the hospital. She wants a statement from EJ. Sami confronts Marge about shooting an innocent man and leaving Timmy with no one. Sami joins EJ, who is marveling over Chad taking a bullet for him.

Gabi comforts Abby at the hospital as Cameron wheels Chad away. Daniel is called out of his office to the OR. Eric leaves the flash drive on the desk. Sami phones Jennifer to tell her Abigail needs her. Nearby, EJ argues with Stefano about whether he loves Chad.

In the pub, Jennifer tells Kristen that Chad's been shot.

At the station, Marge asks if the guy she shot will make it. Roman and Hope say they're not sure and tell her he was a DiMera. Marge thinks the DiMeras manipulated Joe and gave him no choice. She feels justice was finally done if the DiMeras suffer. While Marge is processed, Roman and Hope muse that she may be right.

Will and Sonny arrive at the hospital and go to check on Abigail. Sami tells EJ they're back to where it all started. EJ glances at Stefano and tells Sami, "You're not the person who started this." Kristen greets Stefano, who fills her in. He says, "It should have been me." Kristen approaches Sami and complains that she called Jennifer before her. Sami didn't want to talk to her. Kristen says if Chad dies it's on her. Sami tells Stefano that he's to blame - he set this in motion with his jealousy of Kate and Rafe. Gabi leaves, and Will assures Sonny that Chad will be fine. Jenn tells Abigail that Daniel will save Chad. Abigail tells Jenn exactly how close they'd gotten. In another room, Cameron does a computer search and curses. Cameron tells EJ he has to tell Jonas that Chad is on a special treatment for his brain tumor, or he could die. EJ admits that Chad's not on the protocol and doesn't have a tumor. Cameron is disgusted. Stefano enters the hospital chapel and asks what he's done. EJ listens as he pleads for his son's life to be saved. Meanwhile, Sami chats with Sonny and Will until Kristen drags her aside to ask what she said to Stefano. Sami says she told him the truth - he had no one to blame but himself. In the OR, Chad convulses and they lose him.

At the rectory, Eric is musing about the name Fay Taylor when Nicole arrives. She's upset about him agreeing to marry Kristen and Brady. Eric says it's not her business. "Butt out." She tells him when it comes to him she can't always do that. He asks what she means. She says he can't see the forest for the trees. Eric phones someplace and says he'd like to come back again.

Salem Spoiler for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Sami is affected when Roman strongly warns her about marrying into the DiMera family.

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