Queen Of The Night.

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Sami and EJ receive surprising guests at their engagement party, and their happy evening ends in tragedy.

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Outside TBD, Cameron confronts Chad about faking the brain tumor. Inside, EJ and Sami make touching speeches about loving one another.

Will and Sonny prepare to leave Arianna with a sitter at home.

In Rafe's hospital room, he rants to Kate about hating reality shows on his TV. He's breaking out tonight! She gives him a pep talk and he turns down her offer to get him a caregiver at his loft. She compares Jordan to Jillian Michaels as she walks in and it's awkward but Jordan takes it as a compliment. They convince her to go out for a beer.

From home, Marge points the barrel of the gun at her face but she can't do it. She decides Sami and EJ deserve to face loss and leaves.

Back at TBD, Sonny and Will arrive with an apology for their tardiness. They note Stefano's not having much fun though everyone else is. Stefano finds "The Queen of the Night" and greets her. She's snide with him but he doesn't notice. He says they're almost family and invites her for dinner. "I'll think about the fifth of... never," she says. He's amused. Abby wants to find Chad but Gabi stops her. Cam asked for time alone with Chad. Sami thanks Gabi for coming though it must be strange for her. They wonder where EJ and Chad are. Outside, Chad tells him this is none of his business and he doesn't want Abby to know anything about this. EJ strolls over and calls Cameron's accusations baseless. The doctors are covering their asses. EJ threatens to end Cam's medical career if he doesn't let it go. Cameron apologizes and heads inside. EJ and Chad laugh about there being nothing like righteous indignation. Inside, Stefano finds Will calling his sitter for reassurance that Arianna's fine. Stefano comments that he's a devoted father and invites both him and Sonny to his home anytime. Will's fortunate to have a man like Sonny. Maybe it's time to bury the hatchet with Victor.

Rafe shows Jordan and Kate he can wheel himself through the square while Marge walks by, on a mission.

Caroline and Marlena watch Will with Sonny at the club party with pride and happiness. Gabi and Cameron want to leave but Chad asks them to stay. Abby notices something's going on and asks for answers. Chad shrugs and covers. Both Sami and Stefano see something that shocks them. Kate, Jordan and Rafe enter. EJ welcomes them but Kate says they had no idea this was a private function. They offer to leave but Rafe sees Stefano and decides to stay. Sami grins.

Marge stops by the mansion and hears from Harold that the family is at TBD. She leaves thinking of taking the law into her own hands. Timmy calls and she calls him a good boy. She loves him.

Back at the engagement party at TBD, Sami wishes he would have sent Stefano to outer Mongolia before he decided to invite Rafe to stay. EJ thinks it's great. Rafe can say everything they want to say to Stefano but can't. Gabi goes to Rafe, thinking it's a bad idea he's there. He claims he's letting bygones be bygones. Marlena's happy to see Rafe and pulls Kate aside. She explains to her and Sami this wasn't her idea. Sami suggests she get Rafe out of here. She can't but Sami says at least Rafe doesn't know what Stefano wanted Bernardi to do to him. Rafe flashes to EJ telling him the truth. Will goes to Rafe. It's a bad idea to be there. He says his mom is happy with EJ. Rafe is worried about Sami's happiness, too. Will follows Marlena outside where she makes a quick call. He asks how she and John are doing. Sometimes love isn't enough, she says. "Have you heard of this new thing called counselling?" She calls him fresh and thinks it's over. She tears up and he holds her. Inside, Sami's glad to see Rafe out and about. He wishes her and the kids good luck. She leaves when Stefano walks up. Rafe makes a comment about having all his working parts. They make cutting remarks. Rafe makes a veiled threat. Nearby, Caroline finds Stefano and lashes out. He rolls his eyes and laughs. Will and Marlena return and EJ makes another speech about their relationship being volatile at times but they're adept at resolving issues. I think most have been legal," EJ jokes. Before Rafe, Jordan and Kate almost hurl, they leave.

Kate, Rafe, and Jordan arrive at the square. He was glad to tell his enemies he's back on his feet.

Back at the party at TBD, Chad's back is to the door when he says a touching speech about EJ who has become his best friend. Abigail yells, "Oh my God she's got a gun." Everyone screams and Marge gets off two shots.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Chad needs surgery.

Daniel and Eric think they ought to have a look at the flash drive.

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