The Banshees Coming For You.

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Sami and EJ's engagement party is in full swing, Marge shines up her gun, and Father Eric asks Nicole about her mother.

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Sami tries to dress for the engagement party but EJ wants to make love. After, they head downstairs where Harold offers martinis. Sam's floored to hear Stefano's selling their portrait on eBay and giving the proceeds to charity.

At home, Marge looks at a photo of Sami. It didn't have to be this way. She feels there's no choice and takes out her gun. She writes her parents a letter telling them she can't go on without Joe. She hopes Timmy can forgive her. She looks in the mirror and shakes her head. "Not like this." She gets dolled up and loads her gun, then turns the barrel toward her face...

Cameron calls a Los Angeles clinic from the hospital and finds out nobody is conducting any clinical trials outside of the city for the treatment of brain tumors. Gabi startles him. He asks her to the engagement party tonight. Once she's gone, Cameron wonders what Chad is up to.

Abigail arrives at the club after trying on '200' outfits. She looks upset. Chad concludes she's thinking of JJ. She says by tomorrow, he'll know what JJ did. She needs to find a way to make it right. Chad offers to help.

Caroline finds Stefano in the square studying JJ's handiwork. Shame someone broke the windows. Caroline smirks. What's broken glass compared to the things he has done to people's lives? Stefano asks her to bury the hatchet for the night. She tells him not to kid himself. "With the revenge you have taken and violence you have done, that scream you hear in the night will be the banshees coming for you." Close by, Nicole thinks back to when Marlena searched Kristen's purse for the flash drive. She must have taken it and left behind the spyware. They've got to find it! They go to the park and search but come up empty. Marlena has the party to attend so gives up. Nicole wonders how she can be in the same room as that 'bitch' when she hired someone to mug her. Marlena says it'll be hard not to wrap her hands around her throat and kill her. Nicole grins. She underestimated the shrink.

At the rectory, Father Eric reads the letter from the hotel. The woman in the lobby was 'Fay Taylor'. He thinks of Nicole.

Kristen and Brady dress at the hotel and agree to meet at the party after her meeting with the marketing department.

Parker's sitter stops him from playing with the flash drive at home, reminding him it doesn't belong to them. She calls Daniel and says she'll drop of Parker and that flash drive later.

Stefano arrives at the club and comes upon Chad telling Abby what it's like living at the mansion. Stefano speaks for his son, calling it unadulterated bliss. Stefano is impressed by the club. Chad boasts they're already in the black. Later, Chad doesn't look happy to see Cameron. They share an awkward meeting as Marlena and Caroline arrive. Caroline notices Marlena's antsy. Nearby, Cameron's mind is on Chad when Gabi talks about Arianna's eating habits.

Kristen meets her goon at the parkette who confirms the flash drive is in the water.

Brady drops by the rectory to confirm Father Eric's showing up tonight. The priest asks how Nicole's mother spelled her name. Brady confirms without an 'e' at the end. Brady goes and Eric starts to do a web search on Fay but Nicole interrupts. They discuss her interviews and a photo of her mom falls out of a folder. She misses her daily and gets emotional as she reminisces about their tumultuous past and how she was ready to say she loved her when she was killed. She admits if her child lived, she would have named her Fay Taylor. Eric's eyes widen.

Outside TBD, Abby and Chad make a date for a drive when Kristen and Brady show up. Stefano greets them and soon, EJ and Sami turn up. Clapping ensues. Chad asks EJ why he invited Cameron but he only says to trust him. Caroline goes to Cameron and Gabi and calls them a handsome couple. Gabi didn't know they knew each other. "Know him; I stuffed a ten dollar bill down his pants." Gabi laughs. Sami finds Marlena. She can't believe she planned this with her new bestie. Marlena laughs. "Just shoot me," she says. She wants Sami's happiness. They hug. Kristen sneaks up behind Marlena, scaring her. Caroline walks up and says she heard Marlena was mugged. Why didn't she say so? Marlena brushes it off. Chad takes Abby outside and asks how she feels about Gabi dating Cameron. She's fine with it. After all, he was with Melanie, first. Abby strolls by and the girls go off to look at baby photos while Cameron stops Chad. Inside, Kristen and Brady say their early goodbyes and run off for sex. Outside, Cameron confronts Chad for lying about having a tumor. Inside, EJ makes a speech. This is the happiest time in his life.

Brady and Kristen kiss goodbye in Horton square after he receives word he has to work.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

The engagement party turns tragic.

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