Crack The Whip.

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Marlena realizes she's been set-up, Parker finds something unusual at the park, and Eric is shaken by a note he receives from the hotel in the capitol.

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Flustered, Jennifer leaves home and bumps into Daniel. She refuses his offer to help and vows to save her son.

JJ paces in jail. He sneers as he recalls finding out his father raped his aunt and lifts up his bed and throws it against the wall. A cop tells him to calm down. Jenn arrives and JJ asks why she never told him the truth. Jenn says he was too young at first and then life got in the way. She also didn't want to damage the idealized view JJ had of his father after he died. Jenn sobs as JJ bitterly tells her he's no longer her son.

From Rafe's hospital room, Roman receives a call from Sami. He tells her where he is. She says she'll be right there. Outside, Kate questions Jordan about Rafe's progress. She says he's angry. "If you can channel that anger, it can work wonders," she says, her eyes glazing over. "It can be a life-saver. It can make you whole." Kate asks if she's talking about herself. Back in Rafe's room, he congratulates Roman for being police commish again. Later, Rafe lifts weights in the rehab room and asks Jordan to rate his progress. She gives him a C. Sami arrives and finds Roman near the hub. She invites him to the engagement party tonight but he tells her there's nothing to celebrate. "It's just stupid." He leaves and she brushes away tears before going to Rafe's room. Kate tells her he's not there and they start verbal sparring. Sami leaves. In the rehab room, Rafe wants to try to walk unassisted. Sami arrives and sees Rafe take a few steps. He falls and Sami rushes to him but Jordan stops her from helping him. Rafe tells her to leave and she does but stands outside looking concerned. Rafe picks himself up and walks a few more steps before getting into his chair. Sami grins. Later, he's back in bed and Jordan asks him to consider where he'd like to go on his first excursion. She gives this session a B+ and leaves. Sami turns up. "How do you stand that woman?" she asks. Rafe doesn't want to hear it. He taunts her about when she's marrying EJ. She asks him to be happy for her so he stops and hopes he can pay her back for saving his life one day. He says her life's none of his business. She considers it may have been a mistake visiting but wants the best for him.

At the rectory, Eric tells Kristen and Eric he's is still working through what happened to him the night in the capitol but as long as nothing changes his mind, he'll marry them. He asks them to stay quiet until after Sami and EJ's engagement party.

At the park, Marlena realizes she's missing her keys. Nicole toots her own horn, saying Marlena's lucky she was there when the thief dropped her purse. She finds the keys and the cops show up. One stays to canvas the area while the other takes Marlena and Nic to SPD. From the trees, Kristen's goon sees the flash drive but the cops are in his way so he waits.

At SPD, Marlena and Nicole give their statements. Marlena talks about meeting Kristen DiMera before this happened and about the call she got for the delivery she never received. She pauses. It appears she knows it was a set-up, and leaves. Nicole follows.

Kristen meets Dr. Chyka at the park. He brushes away her concerns that Father Eric will remember what she did to him. In the square, Nicole finds Marlena. She knows Kristen set her up. Marlena confirms and fills her in on overhearing Kristen tell someone she had an affair and how Victor gave her the spyware device to use on Kristen's phone in order to find out who it was.

Father Eric drops by Daniel's for news on JJ. Dan fills him in and hands him an envelope from the capitol.

Eric walks up to Kristen outside the pub while she bawls out her goon on the phone. He questions her. She says her marketing people missed their deadline. The goon tells her he found the flash drive. She tells him to execute the next step. They hang up and Brady looks at her admirably. "I love the way you crack the whip like that."

Back at the rectory, Eric reads a note from the hotel and learns Fay Taylor was the name of the woman in the hotel lobby the night he was ill. He says, "Nicole?"

Back at the park, Parker finds the spyware while playing ball with Daniel. In the meantime, the goon texts Kristen and tells her, "Mission accomplished," as she and Brady get into bed.

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Kristen relaxes, thinking her secret is safe.

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