Rather Chew Glass.

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

JJ goes off the rails and winds up in jail, and Kristen confesses to keeping a secret from Brady.

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At home, Brady dreams that Kristen and Father Eric agree marrying her is a bad idea. Downstairs, Justin turns up and a worried Adrienne shares that JJ tricked her into spilling a little about what happened between Jack and Kayla.

Nicole arrives at the rectory to confirm she's quitting St. Luke's and taking the reporting job. He's resistant. Is she running away? She says moving on is best for them both. He's still confused. She promises to find her replacement. Brady arrives and she goes.

At the club, and on her cell, Kristen instructs her goon who is standing nearby, to rob Marlena of the flash drive. Should he hurt her? Kristen doesn't know. He should just do what it takes. Marlena arrives and they pretend to "admire" each other. They start planning the engagement party. Kristen takes a call from her goon who tells her to get a move on. She "suddenly" remembers her pre-cana meeting and asks Marlena to give Sonny the deposit check while she runs for the door. Once she's gone, Marlena sniffs her purse. There's been a spill inside so she empties the purse and mops everything off. Kristen's goon calls her and pretends he's got a package from John so they agree to meet outside. Once she's out there, the goon grabs her purse and dashes off. She follows.

Hope finds Kayla a babbling mess at the hospital. She relays how JJ found out about Jack raping her.

While looking for JJ, Daniel finds Rory outside the pub. Has he seen JJ? Dazed and confused, Rory says he's at the square, so Daniel goes. Meanwhile inside, Nicole interviews a woman for the assistant's position but thinks Eric would rather 'chew glass' than have an ex-nun as an assistant. She calls the employment agency she's working with and bitches them out for sending them an ex-nun. Nicole finds the next applicant's resume in order but she's gorgeous so Nicole blurts out, "No."

Abigail arrives home to find Jennifer holding the testimony regarding the rape. Abigail calls JJ but he doesn't answer. Kayla and Hope arrive and confirm JJ knows the truth. Jenn blames herself for not telling her son years ago.

JJ goes nuts at the square when he flashes to learning his father raped Kayla. He sees his father's memoirs in a book store and breaks the window by throwing a chair through it. He starts throwing plants and breaks more windows before hitting a man who attempts to stop him. He grabs the books and tosses them just as Daniel finds him and pins him to the ground.

Back at Jenn's, Hope receives a text message that something is going on at the square. She's on call so has to leave. Abigail looks at her cell and sees a bunch of tweets about JJ being out of control down at the square.

Back at the rectory, pre-cana begins. Kristen discusses her reasons for lacking trust. "My childhood... was...wow." She didn't have success with men and women were unreliable. Because of Brady, she's not afraid to trust as much. She tears up and credits him for changing her life. She confesses to keeping a secret. The men look concerned as she admits she did something behind his back. She's terrified to lose him but admits she saw a specialist. Since there have been advances in medicine, she thought she might become pregnant somehow. The doctor confirmed it's highly unlikely. Brady doesn't care. Her happiness is all she has ever wanted. Father Eric smiles as they kiss and later, Brady asks if Eric will marry them.

Hope arrives at the square and has to arrest JJ.

Hope, JJ, and Daniel arrive at SPD. Hope asks Dylan to get a statement from a witness and Jenn, Kayla, and Abigail turn up. JJ's bitter. Adrienne and Justin arrive and JJ lashes out at Daniel, asking him to feel free to tell everyone how he's a born criminal. Justin steps in and tells him and everyone else to stay silent. JJ doesn't care. He calls everyone hypocrites and rants. Everyone knew he loved his father and thought he was a great guy but nobody told him the truth. He apologizes to Kayla. He can't believe his father raped her. Daniel's jaw drops. He gives Kayla a pass but he wants nothing to do with anyone else. He calls them all strangers and kicks the officer's desk a few times for good measure until he's subdued.

Kristen's goon races through the park and bumps into Nicole. Marlena's purse goes flying. When Marlena cries 'thief', the man runs away without the purse. Nicole calls the police as Marlena picks up her belongings. She doesn't see the flash drive hidden underneath a leaf.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric has an answer for Kristen and Brady.

Eric is stunned by what Daniel tells him.

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