Wasting Time And Drinking Bad Coffee.

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Rafe questions Kate about her visits, Gabi lets Nick down easy, and JJ learns the truth about Jack.

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Marge approaches EJ and Sami in the park and shouts, "Murderer!" Sami and EJ understand her directing her anger at them. Marge hollers at them to shut up and starts sobbing about her son hearing his father called a murderer. Sami holds Marge and soothes her. EJ says they all need time to heal. Marge feels it will never get better. She reiterates that EJ helped Sami get away with murder. "And no one gives a damn but me."

At the hospital, Kate grills Jordan about Rafe being so tired. Jordan says he had some guests yesterday. Kate presses Rafe about his visitors. He tells her he saw EJ and Marge Bernardi. He talks about only looking forward and wonders why Kate is still hanging out there with him wasting time and drinking bad coffee. She says she'll be there until he's well enough to go home. Jordan reappears. She wants Rafe to rest.

At the club, Gabi tells Nick that what happened between them felt good, but they didn't think about the consequences. He thinks she's pregnant. Gabi says she's not and tells him they can only be friends. Nick thinks Will and Sonny are behind it. Gabi says no, she just thinks they should live their own lives. Gabi reiterates that she's there if he needs anything. Nick thanks her. Once alone, Nick muses that he and Gabi can be happy if they just get out of town. He won't give up.

Theresa notices Kayla's off mood at the nurses' station and asks if it's because of JJ. Kayla asks if she's heard from him. Theresa hasn't. Kayla tells her to focus on work. Later, Daniel appears. Theresa talks to him about Jennifer letting her go. He says it's not his business. She keeps chatting about Jennifer and JJ, and tells Daniel she regrets coming on so strong before. After, the desk nurse asks Theresa if something's going between them. Theresa invites her for coffee.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Adrienne drops her tea cup after JJ mentions 'the thing that happened with Kayla'. He leads her to believe he knows. Adrienne thinks it's not her place to discuss it with him. JJ presses her. She says Jack deeply regretted his actions. She talks about Jennifer working to make Jack believe he deserved love afterward, and how Jack grew up without love. She mentions the Alamain trial, when Jack had to admit what he'd done. JJ asks, "What?" Adrienne realizes he doesn't know. He leaves.

In the parkette, Jennifer tells JJ's friends she needs to find her son. Rory says he was trying to find out something about his dad. Jenn panics. She gets a call from Adrienne saying JJ was there and asks her to come over.

Jennifer arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Adrienne says she didn't tell JJ what Jack did to Kayla but it's only a matter of time until he finds out. Jenn gets a call that a neighbor saw JJ go into the house.

In the Horton house, JJ searches for the Alamain trial transcript and finds it. He starts reading and hollers at his friends to get out. "This can't be true, it just can't be." Later, Jennifer arrives and finds the trial transcript strewn over the sofa.

JJ finds Kayla at the hospital and says he knows what his dad did, but he needs to hear it from her. He hopes it's not true. Kayla says she's sorry, but it's true. "He raped you?" Kayla confirms it. She says it was a long time ago and Jack was a different person then. JJ flips. Daniel appears. JJ storms off. Daniel tells Kayla he'll find him.

Sami rants about Stefano in the DiMera mansion. EJ interrupts her with a passionate kiss. He loves how she dealt with Marge in the park - she's a truly incredible woman. They kiss more and wind up in bed. After making love, they chat about EJ charming her family, and make love again. Sami talks about Marge and if she ever lost EJ. He says he's not going anywhere.

At the club, Theresa hints to the desk nurse that she 'lifted Daniel's spirits' after Jennifer Horton dumped him.

Gabi arrives at the hospital as Kate exits Rafe's room. She asks if she told him she's in love with him. Kate fluffs it off. Inside his room, Rafe insists that Jordan stop calling him Mr. Hernandez. She says he's ready for the next step - short supervised excursions outside. He talks about leaving for good. Jordan jokes it might take two years.

In the square, JJ spots his father's books in a window display and puts a chair through it.

At home, Marge looks at clippings about Sami. She has a gun.

Salem Spoiler for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

In order to get her flash drive back, Kristen arranges for Marlena to be attacked by a thief.

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