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Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Theresa lashes out at Jennifer, Sami suggests a plan to EJ, and JJ is determined to find out about Jack.

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Sami catches up with EJ in the park. EJ says he's been pacing since she left. He won't give up on them. EJ tries to make his case until Sami urges him to just listen. She's embarrassed for walking out on him - he doesn't have to beg her to come back. She says he fought so hard to get free of Stefano, succeeded, and then gave it all up for her. She won't leave him alone in that hell. Sami suggests they go lay down some ground rules to Stefano; it could be fun...

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano welcomes Chad home. Chad points out that EJ didn't give him much choice. Stefano gets Chad to play chess and asks about Abigail. Chad smirks. He says Cameron's backed off and Abigail's his. Stefano's pleased at him running off his rival. Chad realizes he did it without blinking - he is a DiMera. EJ and Sami arrive. She confronts Stefano about his loud opera music and says they won't be at dinner. He says she won't dictate to him and dinner is at 8:30 PM. Sami flips. EJ says they can't challenge him head on. Sami is determined to put Stefano on notice and is concerned about EJ, who insists he's fine. They kiss.

In the cafe, Abigail confronts Cameron about lying about having no time to date - he's seeing Gabi. Cameron downplays that and lets Abigail know had feelings for her. He then says they can only be friends for now. She's puzzled. He tells her to be happy with Chad. Abigail gets a text from Chad.

At the pub, Maggie asks Daniel about Jennifer. He says he has a proposition for her, and asks her to accompany him and Parker to visit Melanie. Maggie thinks he's running from there. Daniel says no matter what he does with Jennifer and JJ it's the wrong thing. Maggie sees that he loves her, but is letting her go. Daniel feels it's the only thing he can do. Maggie agrees to talk to Victor.

At the hospital, Theresa taunts Jennifer about throwing away men. Jennifer won't rise to the bait. She tells Theresa to stay away from JJ. Theresa says she's exactly what he needs. Jennifer says she feels sorry for Theresa, but won't let her pull JJ down with her. Theresa stomps after Jennifer and says she knows nothing about her or her son. She tells Jenn she's a huge downer who makes JJ feel small and wasn't there for JJ when his dad died. Jenn hollers, "Shut your mouth!" Theresa keeps going. Jenn demands she leave, but Theresa talks about Daniel's leather couch feeling great on bare skin. Jenn says it's sad the way she operates because she has potential.

In a parkette, JJ asks Kayla what she knows about his dad, and does it seem so bad? Kayla starts to speak but stops. He asks what she was going to say. She stammers that he needs to patch things up with his mom. He accuses her of lying. He wonders if she was going to talk about Jack always taking off and leaving Mom and Abigail alone. He asks if there's more. Kayla urges him to go home and rushes off. Rory appears and says he found refuge for the night. After, Abigail joins JJ and shows him the advance copy of Jack's book. JJ says it's like a piece of him. Abigail says reading it is like listening to him. JJ asks if their dad ever did anything off-the-charts bad and mentions his run-in with Kayla. Abigail stutters that their dad wasn't a saint, and asks him to come home. He refuses. Abigail says he needs to be thinking about their mom. They want him home. After, Rory returns and remarks on JJ reading a book. JJ tells him something happened when his dad was alive and he needs to find out what.

Flustered, Kayla arrives at the pub. Daniel asks if she's okay. Kayla says she ran into JJ. They discuss his attitude. Daniel says his presence wasn't helping. Kayla tells Daniel he did nothing wrong. She makes a remark about Jack being all too human, and leaves.

Chad runs into Cameron in the square. Cameron confronts him about the clinical trial - which he learned is only in L.A. Chad says DiMeras get special treatment and asks him to leave him alone. Cameron promises to protect his privacy.

At home, Abigail tells Jennifer about her meeting with JJ. She warns he's asking questions about Dad and Aunt Kayla.

Annie meets Theresa at the club and tells her Jennifer and Daniel are over. Theresa isn't so sure. She decides she needs Jennifer to think she got him into bed.

Salem Spoiler for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Will confronts Sami about living with Stefano.

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