I Kissed That Guy's Ring.

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

EJ and Sami go to battle, Caroline gives solid advice, Theresa has a new job, and Kayla's anger gets the better of her.

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Gabi approves of Sonny's Oktoberfest pamphlets at the club. Cameron arrives. She knows Sonny pushed him to ask her out. He denies needing prodding. Sonny watches, smiling, as the pair hits it off.

Chad arrives at Abigail's while she's reading Jack's memoirs and crying. They discuss the book and kiss.

In the park, JJ tells Bev Daniel figured out that they partied at their place but won't tell. Bev doubts it. He asks to stay with her tonight but he can't. Her dad's hovering.

Daniel calls a locksmith from home but has to hang up before making an appointment to attend to Parker. Parker asks about Jennifer and Daniel tells him that Jennifer's son needs her right now so they won't see her for a while.

At the hospital, Jennifer and Kayla are shocked and Jennifer bursts out laughing when Anne says she found a new job for Theresa in hospital security. Theresa assures Kayla she won't blow it this time. Later, Anne tells Theresa she's off to work on her special project, and goes to 'Jenny's' office and puts her on notice. Jenny says that will require discipline and focus. Theresa has neither. She shows her the door. "And it's Jennifer. Always." Theresa goes to the hub and Anne trains her a little on security but says her number one job is to make Jennifer's life miserable. Daniel arrives and with Jennifer watching, Theresa flirts with Dan and then rubs it in.

Caroline greets Lucas, Johnny, Allie and Sydney at the pub. They tell her they're going to Chicago with their parents.

At the mansion, Sami learns they cannot move out as part of Stefano's terms for getting her out of jail. She cries a little. She doesn't want to live there but EJ gave his word as a DiMera. "I grovelled for you," he tells her when she doesn't get it. "I kissed that guy's ring. For you," EJ yells. She's incensed and wants to leave. He orders her to stay, which peeves her off. She can't do this for 'some stupid Gothic oath ceremony' and doesn't know what to think. His word means more to her than her and their kids. EJ doesn't think she's listening. She wants him to go with her but he can't. She tells him she'll send for her things, and leaves. Chad shows up with his belongings, ready to move in. EJ's not ecstatic because Samanther moved out. Chad can't blame her and assumes EJ made a deal with Stefano in order to get Sami out of jail. It was like 'all of a sudden the cops busted a piñata and all this stuff came falling out'. He gets it. Stefano had him. EJ's thankful someone understands him. They discuss it further and Chad says it's not over yet. EJ argues that Sami stormed out. Chad points out that Sami storms out of supermarkets. She couldn't have meant it. Chad advises to go after her. He doesn't want to live there without those kids around.

Kayla sees JJ in the park. He asks if he can stay with her and Joey for a few days. Kayla loves him but can't get in the middle of it. He accuses her of not giving a damn about him and blames Daniel for turning her against him. He calls Daniel's scum and goes on and on about how he doesn't hold a candle to Jack until Kayla snaps and says his father was no saint. She knows that better than anyone! She eats her words.

Abby arrives at the club and Sonny tells her about Gabi and Cameron's date. She stares, and when Gabi leaves Cameron says hello. She asks why he lied to her.

Sami goes to the pub and Caroline can sense something's up so she sends the kids to the kitchen to make ice cream while Sami tells her and Lucas about how she has to live at the mansion with Stefano. Sami says if EJ loved her, he'd never ask her to do this. Lucas tells her not to let EJ bully her. She should stick to her guns. He remembers himself and tells her to forget about guns. Lucas leaves and Sami spills the truth to Caroline about Stefano having the evidence that set her free. Caroline sides with EJ. He gave his word and that has to mean something. Doesn't she want to know he can keep a promise? Sami worries EJ will get sucked back into that life.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Theresa continues her scheme against Jennifer.

Sami has a warning for Stefano.

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