The White Knight of Salem.

Monday, September 30th, 2013

EJ taunts Rafe, Gabi, Sonny, and Will discuss her loneliness, and Kate gets advice from an unlikely person.

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Will and Sonny continue to argue in the park and Sonny gripes about things he has had to 'put up with' from Will. Will grumbles about Sonny making a list of his shortcomings. EJ interrupts. He thought they were more mature than this. Sonny admits Gabi threatened to move out with the baby. What would Will and EJ have done? Will feels bad and apologizes. EJ says she can leave if she wants. Sonny puts himself in Gabi's shoes and suggests Gabi didn't mean it. She's lonely. Before EJ leaves, he tells them he's taking Sami and the kids away to Chicago for the weekend where they'll discuss the wedding date.

Gabi runs into Kate going to a board meeting at the hospital. Kate mentions how Rafe doesn't like her hovering. Gabi asks if she has told Rafe how she feels. Kate cares for Gabi but is reluctant to take advice from a 20-something. Gabi says Rafe's clueless when it comes to him talking about his feelings. Meanwhile, Jordan wheels depressed Rafe into his room. He used to bench press 250 pounds and now he's supposed to be happy he lifted his leg eight inches off the ground? She gives him encouragement for once, which surprises him. She leaves as Kate arrives. He tells her he's feeling good about his therapy today and he thinks he's actually starting to get through to Jordan. Outside, Gabi approaches Jordan. Gabi never sees her around. Jordan quickly says she's new in town and doesn't know anyone. She leaves and Gabi receives a text from Will to meet at home. Back in Rafe's room, Kate decides not to talk to Rafe about her feelings. She says to keep up the good work and leaves.

Nicole sees Daniel at the club and asks how Eric's doing. He wonders why she doesn't ask herself. She knows when to cut her losses. Daniel can see she's ready to move on. She shows him the business card Miles left for her. Daniel's happy she's interested in taking this new job. He thinks working for Eric has been a blessing. She agrees. She felt safe working there and Daniel hopes that feeling doesn't go away.

At the rectory, Eric flashes back to sex with Kristen and jumps up. He claims he has an appointment and dashes out. He's close to recalling everything but quickly returns with an apology. Brady's concerned since he's so pale. "Something struck me," Eric says, staring at Kristen. She questions him and feels overwhelmed. She attempts to leave but Brady talks her into staying. He's not done! He asks how you can get over someone stabbing you in the back and then answers his own question. She didn't know him when this happened and they've since fallen for one another. She's his soul mate. She tears up, then leaves for a meeting. Brady asks if his brother can bless their union but he can't until he speaks to God, because of Kristen. Brady guesses the reason he left earlier is because he's trying to piece together what happened to him the night at the hotel. He again suggests Eric ask Nicole. When she arrives, he asks her about it but she can't discuss it now. She has to leave.

Kristen sees Daniel at the hospital. She tells him she had her initial evaluation with the doctor he suggested and may go ahead with the fertility treatment. Daniel's glad to hear. They hug awkwardly. She leaves, forgetting the doctor's business card and Daniel grabs it. Rafe gets a visit from EJ who gloats about Sami getting out of jail, no thanks to "The White Knight of Salem." He brings up Rafe lying for months about Sami giving birth to his child and taunts him about being stuck in this hospital bed. In another room, Brady finds Daniel calling Kristen to let her know about the card she left behind. Brady questions why he's calling and is told it's private.

Gabi meets Sonny and Will at home. Will apologizes for blowing up. Gabi understands why he did. She has been feeling lonely and Nick just happened to be there. She needed to step back and think about what she wanted and plans on telling Nick they're done. She apologizes for threatening to take the baby and leave. She didn't mean it. Will believes her and goes to check on a crying Arianna while Sonny invites her to his Oktoberfest party. She's going with Cameron, she says and then realizes he played matchmaker. She's touched. She has yet to figure out this weird relationship they have with each other.

Kristen meets her video editor in the park and asks her to destroy the flash drive and though she would, the woman says that's not her flash drive!

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric asks why Nicole wants to quit.

Sami is shocked after hearing what EJ has to say.

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