Afraid Of The Monkeys.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

EJ plays his brother in order to get what he wants, Rafe contemplates Jordan's behavior, and Will walks in on a big surprise.

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In Chad's apartment, EJ wonders why his brother is reading about experimental treatments. Chad explains he had a false alarm. Cameron was supposed to be supporting him but kissed Abigail behind his back, so he punished him by lying about having a brain tumor. EJ thinks it's wise. He's thinking like a DiMera.

At the club, Gabi overhears Sonny ask Abigail to be careful Chad doesn't hurt her. Gabi thinks he's backstabbing Chad. Sonny asks her to stay out of it. In the past, Chad has done some nasty things. Gabi remembers - like ruining her wedding. Sonny thinks Chad had a good reason for doing so. Gabi's eyes narrow. Abby doesn't believe Chad would hurt her again. She leaves and Gabi wonders what Will would say if he heard Sonny trashing Chad. That's not what Sonny was doing. They rehash what Gabi did to Melanie and Gabi asks for respect.

Nick gives Kate a new formula at the pub that's sure to make her company a lot of money. Will arrives. Kate explains Nick's freelancing. Nick was just trying to make up for the loss of the formula Sami and Sonny stole from Kate. Will doesn't like the pot shot but Kate reminds her grandson Nick's telling the truth. Nick admits he deserved it. The guys argue and Will brings up Nick's testimony against Sami. Nick leaves and Will smirks. Kate blames herself for Nick getting called to the witness stand.

At the hospital, Rafe finds Jordan all business once again. "Do you always have to look like it's raining and you forgot your umbrella?" He tries making jokes and she shakes her head and smiles on the way to the therapy room. Later, she returns him to his room and leaves when Kate arrives. They agree, aside from Victor, Jordan's the least personal human they know. Rafe can't stop thinking about Jordan when Kate talks about her day. He admits he finds it interesting when someone tries to be someone they're not. From outside, Jordan looks at Rafe with a little smile.

Theresa runs into Jenn in the square and blames her for ruining her life. Jenn tells her the blame's on her own shoulders. Theresa admits she made a mistake. Jenn says with Theresa gone, her son can think clearly. Theresa scoffs at that and vows to take revenge on her. Later, Theresa strikes up a conversation with a biker. She sees Anne and pays the man for a favor. The man attempts to steal Anne's purse and Theresa comes to the rescue. Once the guy's gone, Anne says she knows that was a set-up. She's not helping her get her job back, but appreciates Theresa's nerve. There may be a place for her at the hospital after all.

Daniel confronts JJ in the park about partying in his apartment. JJ quickly denies it but Daniel says he can prove it with Lou's help. JJ confesses to crashing overnight. Daniel doesn't want to make things worse for him. He won't tell if JJ hears him out. Daniel asks him to return home and says Jennifer always had glowing things to say about her son. JJ doesn't believe it but Daniel knows he started talking at 18 months, and about how fast he was in little league. Jenn's proud of him! JJ listens but thinks even if he goes home, Daniel will "force" himself into their lives and turn his mom against him. He says Daniel will never take his father's place. Jennifer comes upon them and JJ runs to tell Rory the news as Daniel explains what happened and Jenn cries and begs him to stay away from her and JJ. "I don't wanna see you again." Elsewhere, Nick is bummed to learn nobody has interest in hiring Gabi as a model.

Abby meets Chad at the pub. EJ interrupts. He reminds Chad of their earlier conversation and wants to be there when Chad breaks 'it' to Abby. Chad has no choice but to tell Abby he's moving into the DiMera mansion. She's okay with it if he is. She goes to take a call and Chad calls EJ an SOB. EJ grins widely. They'll be able to spend a lot of time together! He leaves and Abby returns. She asks what's really going on.

Will and Arianna meet Sonny at the club. They're off to the zoo and Will wonders if Ari will be afraid of the monkeys. He is.

Nick visits Gabi at home. She complains about her argument with Sonny. Nick comforts and kisses her as Will walks in, furious at the display.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sonny plays matchmaker.

Pre-cana begins.

Abby has conflicted feelings.

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