Some Bratty Juvenile Delinquent.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Chloe goes off the rails about JJ, Daniel discovers something amiss in his apartment, and Anne irks Jennifer.

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JJ has a nightmare about Daniel catching him sleeping at his apartment. He wakes up on Dan's sofa and dresses. He tells Bev and Rory they need to leave. He curses himself for breaking the glass in Dan and Jenn's picture and when the new superintendent, Lou, knocks and asks if Daniel's back, they all go silent. Lou says he heard water running. Bev opens the door. She introduces herself as Melanie Jonas. She's visiting from Europe. He seems satisfied.

Chloe arrives at Daniel's hotel and admonishes him for sticking around just to check up on her. He says he wasn't. "Did you really think I wouldn't find out about you and Jennifer?" She called her friend Anne Milbauer and got the gossip. Daniel's annoyed. Anne's not her friend. Chloe can't believe he's letting 'some bratty juvenile delinquent' get between him and Jenn. She worries for her son and starts yelling but Daniel asks her to trust that he'll do what's best for their son. She relaxes and they say goodbye.

At home, Jenn worries to Kayla about where JJ slept last night. She compares him to Theresa. Kim and Shane did everything to give Theresa a fresh start and look how that turned out. Kayla is sorry it turned out to be such a gigantic mistake. Theresa will have to go to jail. They both feel bad. Kayla goes and Jenn cries as she flashes to better times with JJ as a child. Anne arrives and asks Jenn to sign Theresa's termination papers. Anne's just being conscientious about her job. She doesn't think Jenn knows what the word means. Jenn signs and then calls her opportunistic, and disgusting before kicking her out.

Theresa arrives at Jennifer's office. Roman follows. He heard she was fired. She wants another chance but instead, he gives her a ticket. She's going back to Los Angeles. Kayla arrives as Roman says he'll pick her up tonight. Theresa asks Kay for another chance but it's too late.

Cameron looks for Chad at the club but finds Sonny. He brings up Chad stealing Cam's girl but Cam says they're still friends. Later, Sonny reads the promo for his Uncle Jack's book which comes out next month.

Abby turns up at Chad's. He's half-dressed. He forgot their date but will make it up to her. They make love and she worries about her brother. Chad's supportive. She talks about not telling her mother about them. Sonny texts Chad. He needs some papers so Abby offers to take them to the club for him. She goes and leaves an earring behind. Cam turns up to discuss new treatments. Chad refuses them. He trusts his doctor more than "an intern with ulterior motives." Cameron starts questioning the new protocol and asks where his doctor is. Chad won't say. He marks his territory and Cameron leaves.

Stefano sniffs a carnation at the park. EJ arrives alone. Sami's with the kids. Stefano guesses correctly. EJ hasn't told his fiancée about their agreement. EJ thanks him for giving him time. He plans on telling her tonight.

EJ looks for Chad at the club. Sonny says he's not in yet and apologizes for messing things up with Sami's case. EJ doesn't blame him and thanks him for letting Sami spend the morning with Arianna. Abby arrives with time sheets from Chad. EJ leaves and Sonny notices she's missing an earring. She grins. She knows where it is. He assumes she and Chad are getting serious and advises her to be careful.

JJ, Rory, and Bev walk through the park. JJ worries the new super will tell Daniel about "Melanie." Theresa calls, bitching about leaving Salem. She demands he get her job back for her. He won't do it so she calls him names.

Daniel heads home. He's excited when Lou calls to tell him about Melanie returning home. They hang up and he searches for batteries for Parker's game. He finds the smashed picture and calls Lou over. He asks the man to describe Melanie but he only says she was pretty with dark hair. Daniel realizes JJ was there.

Chad bumps into EJ on his way out. He congratulates his brother and EJ comments on how radiant Abigail looked earlier. Chad says they "took the plunge." EJ asks him to take another one and move back into the mansion. Chad laughs when he learns Stefano's going to be living there. He assumes Stefano had something to do with Bernardi's weapon being found and Sami's release. EJ looks around and complains about his brother living in a hovel. He finds Chad's treatment papers and frowns. "Do you have a brain tumor?" EJ asks.

Cameron goes to Kayla at the hospital and asks if she has heard of some new drug trial. She hasn't but suspects this is about Chad. He needs to back off.

Daniel confronts JJ at the park. "I know what you did!"

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

EJ uses his brother.

Will is stunned by what he witnesses.

Rafe comes to a realization about therapy.

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