Rather See Brady With Lindsay Lohan.

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Kristen taunts Nicole, Sami's case comes to a shocking conclusion, and JJ comes up with a place to stay.

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In court, Abe whips out the razor Bernardi almost used on Rafe. It just came into his possession. Sami gasps and cries tears of joy. Bernardi's prints were found on the handle and the lab found his blood on it from the shooting. EJ flashes to his realization that Stefano's had the razor all along. Abe shows a photo of Gloria Nash, who was a nurse at University Hospital until she got wind that SPD was questioning the nurses again about the case. She took off for Morocco, where there's no extradition treaty. The cops searched her apartment and found the razor, financial records from a bank in Morocco and lifted DNA and prints that match Bernardi. They recovered emails to her from Bernardi. They're not sure the gunshot wound is what killed him. Abe shows Kayla's and the surgeon's testimony which states the cop died of complications after surgery. Gloria Nash was on duty and in the vicinity of the recovery room the night Bernardi died. She had the means and motive to kill him. He had just informed her he'd never leave Marge because of little Timmy. The judge takes Justin and Melinda into his chambers. They return moments later, and the state withdraws all charges against Sami. There are hugs all around.

At home, Jenn worries to Maggie about JJ. She's been telling her and Jack's family not to take JJ in. Maggie worries. The temperature is dropping outside. Does she want him sleeping in the streets? She doesn't but if she asks him to come home, he'll see it as a sign of weakness. Maggie leaves and Jennifer searches through JJ's phone. She finds Theresa's number and runs out.

Theresa gets the discretionary funds check at the hospital. JJ calls and she hesitates before agreeing to meet him. She leaves the check on her desk under some papers.

At the mansion, Marlena tells Victor about her and Nicole's attempt to get information from Kristen's cell. Victor wants Nic's help but Marlena calls her a loose cannon. She's surprised Kristen didn't figure the whole thing out herself. Marlena gets a call and is delighted to hear charges against Sami were dropped. She tells Victor and leaves, beaming.

Kristen pops by the rectory and asks why Nicole came after her earlier. Nicole would rather see Brady with Lindsay Lohan. Kristen doesn't think Nicole was drunk. Nicole snorts at that and Kristen rubs her pre-cana forms in her face. All Nicole can do is imagine how hot Eric is underneath the white collar. Kristen takes a call from EJ and hears Sami's good news. She hurls insults at Nicole, who hisses and shows her claws as Kristen goes.

Father Eric's at the hotel room in the capital when he flashes to sex with the woman on the bed. He gasps. "Nic couldn't have had anything..." He's shocked and starts to hyperventilate when Daniel returns. Marlena calls and Eric hears about Sami. He's thrilled.

Theresa meets JJ in the park. She's thankful he didn't tell the cops she was one of his buyers. He asks if he can stay with her but she tells him to go home. Since he won't, she gives him all the money she has. He can take his time getting it back to her.

Sami bursts into the great room of the mansion and into her children's awaiting arms. EJ thanks Justin and Justin says he has the person who tipped off the cops about that nurse to thank. Smiling, he shoots EJ a look. Kristen arrives. Sami hugs Marlena. They drink champagne. Eric arrives and Sami rushes into his arms. Everyone files out eventually and Sami and EJ go upstairs for sex. Afterward, Sami asks how EJ made it happen. He says all that matters is he made sure she'll never be taken from the kids again.

Jennifer can't find Theresa in her office. She searches her desk for something about JJ and finds the check from the discretionary fund. She curses Theresa and calls security as Theresa walks in. Jennifer fires her but Theresa smirks. Jenn can't without grounds. Jenn shows her the check.

JJ goes to Justin at the Kiriakis mansion. Justin tells him to stop being a punk and make up with his mother. JJ tells him to stay out of it but asks if he's still going to be his lawyer. They talk about the mess JJ's in and JJ leaves.

Daniel returns home and tells Maggie the good news about Sami. Maggie brings up Jennifer and JJ and Daniel tells Parker that when he turns sixteen he hopes he doesn't turn out to be a little jerk. Maggie stays while Daniel runs out again.

Daniel goes to Justin at home to discuss JJ. They're in the living room when JJ returns to get his bag and hears Daniel say he's taking Parker to Chloe's tonight. JJ gets an idea.

Victor meets Nicole at the club. He tells her to let Marlena handle Kristen though Nicole thinks she can do better. They're arguing when Kristen walks in.

From the pub, Eric asks Marlena how hypnosis works.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Brady and Nicole continue to clash.

JJ breaks into someone's apartment.

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