An Awful Mess.

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Brady is concerned about Nicole, Eric revisits the hotel, and Sami anticipates a break in her case.

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Abe warns Hope, in her office, that they can't afford mistakes on this. Justin barges in demanding to know why they're on recess. Abe tells him he's not welcome and Hope puts him out. Hope takes a call. Abe says he'll go tell forensics, and they'd better handle this personally.

At Sami's cell, she tells EJ to let her know what's going on. She's frustrated that the trial is lasting forever. EJ thinks things may be looking up. Sami worries about the kids. EJ flashes to Stefano telling him that he and the family will live in his house until he says otherwise. EJ reassures her and she calls him her rock. He says he lives to love and support her. Justin appears and says Hope and Abe seem to be doing everything they can to get Sami out. Justin says he's used social media to undermine Melinda Trask. Once alone, Sami tells EJ she thinks he set this up. He talks about freeing her at any cost.

At the hospital, Rafe thanks Jordan for helping him and wonders where Kate is - he needs caffeine. Jordan snarks about Kate probably berating the barista and Rafe chuckles. Kate arrives. She asks what they were laughing about and goes on about the barista not getting her order right. Rafe and Jordan laugh. Kate realizes she's the butt of the joke. Jordan goes. Hope and Abe arrive and ask Kate to excuse them. They show Rafe a photo. Rafe says, "Bernardi knew her." They ask him about covering for Bernardi. Rafe says he was taking the family to an Italian place. Abe says it was on the outside of town. The speculate if Bernardi was having an affair. Kate re-enters and spots the photo and says she saw the woman in the hospital the night Sami shot Bernardi. Once alone, Rafe tells Kate to keep quiet about it. Jordan returns for another session, and tells Kate she's in the way. Outside the room, Katie flashes to running into a suspiciously happy Stefano. She watches as Rafe interacts with Jordan. After, Rafe tells Kate things are looking up.

Maggie arrives at Daniel's to babysit Parker. She asks Daniel if this trip has anything to do with Jennifer or JJ. He says it's for Father Eric. They discuss Jennifer. "It's an awful mess." Daniel is hopeful about helping Eric.

Nicole has a run-in with Brady and Kristen in the square. Kristen taunts that she must still be tipsy from last night. Nicole and Kristen exchange barbs. Brady questions why Nicole attacked Kristen. Nicole won't discuss it and leaves. Kristen complains that Nicole is out of control. They kiss and Kristen goes to run an errand. Brady catches up with Nicole and questions her about attacking Kristen. He's concerned about her being drunk in the morning. He lectures her and brings up Eric. She tells him to get over himself and storms off. Maggie appears.

At the rectory, Eric complains to Father about the recurring dream. He never sees the woman's face, but knows he knows her. Eric says at least there is something concrete he can do about the other thing bothering him - the sickness. They discuss Sami. Eric says he will pray for her. He hopes to have answers when he gets back. "He helps those who help themselves." Daniel arrives and they discuss going to take air and water samples at the hotel. Daniel takes a call and Eric runs into Kristen in the corridor. He tells her he's going out. She leaves and he looks puzzled.

In Hope's office, Melinda asks what's going on. Abe says they're waiting for a call. It comes. He says the evidence has been verified. Trask doesn't care and Hope yells about suppressing evidence. Trask says Sami is going down today, and leaves. Abe tells Hope to get the guys and bring everything to court.

At the hotel, Eric flashes to Kristen in the black wig when he checked in before. They enter the hotel room. Eric looks at the bedposts and has a sex flashback.

Kristen meets Brady at the pub and says Eric was on his way out. They talk about how fun the wedding will be. Brady's still worried about Nicole.

Justin returns to Sami's cell - it's time to go back to court.

In court, the judge confronts Trask about new evidence being reported on social media. Trask asks for more time. The judge orders Abe to be brought in now. Hope wishes Abe luck as he enters.

Maggie finds Nicole at the rectory and confronts her about her drinking. She tells her to call if she needs her. Alone, Nicole grumbles to God, "Why don't you get on Kristen's case?"

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Jennifer is furious when she learns about Theresa’s shenanigans – and promptly fires her.

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