Sounds Like A Frikken' Smoothie.

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Cameron confronts Chad about keeping secrets, EJ gives everything up for the woman he loves, and new evidence comes to light.

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At the mansion, EJ thinks Stefano has the razor and demands that he give it to the DA. EJ will give him the house, the company - he'll do anything. Stefano starts playing chess and EJ flips the chess board over and hollers at his father to name his price. "Or what?" Stefano asks as he fills a chest full of cigars. EJ flashes to Stefano telling him one day he'd be begging him to take back what he stole from him. "You knew," EJ realizes. He starts to cry and gets down on his knees, begging for help. Stefano says his family will live in his house and he'll work for him until he says otherwise. EJ gives his word as a DiMera and grits his teeth as he kisses Stefano's ring. He signs some documents over to Stefano and slouches off to court. Once he's gone, Stefano chuckles and calls someone, telling them it's time. "Make the move."

At the hospital, Cameron unintentionally overhears Abigail tell Gabi that she and Chad had sex. Cameron shakes his head and leaves as Abby gushes about how romantic it was. Gabi wonders if she rushed into sex because of her family issues. Abby says it's possible but it did feel right. She thought her first time would be with Cameron. Jenn will flip when she tells her. Gabi finds it weird that she'd come forth to her mother, making Abby reconsider. At the hub, Jordan fills Kate in on Rafe's progress. Kate doesn't think Jordan likes her but Jordan says she has no feelings for her either way. Kate doesn't intimidate her. In Rafe's room, Abe tells Rafe Sami's case isn't going well. Rafe shows off how he can lift his arm just as Kate arrives. On his way out, Abe gets snotty about how she offered the prosecution ammunition. Kate explains for once, she wasn't trying to hurt Sami. Jordan arrives for therapy and Kate's given the boot. Before she goes, she's snarky with an offer to get Jordan coffee. Jordan starts to work on Rafe's legs with rubber bands. Gabi arrives. Rafe has a five minute break so Gabi rushes through showing him photos of the baby and updating him about her life. She's kicked out and therapy resumes.

At home, Chad flashes to the specialist telling him he has no tumor, while searching for treatments that'll keep Cameron off his back. Chad reads about a treatment which has no side effects. "Sounds like a frikken' smoothie," he says. Cameron shows up and asks how could he lie to Abby and set her up? Chad notices his computer is open to the treatment search and feigns a headache. He closes the laptop as Cam gets him water. Chad apologizes that he had to lose in this situation. Cameron's worried about Abigail's vulnerability. Chad says Abby wanted it and gives him a reason to live. Cameron won't say how he found out but agrees to stay out of it. Chad realizes Cameron loves her. Cameron only says Abby's his friend and he cares for them both.

Court is back in session and Roman's sworn in. Sami wonders where EJ could be. Trask asks Roman to discuss Sami's ability to lie and if she was involved in this type of court proceedings before. Roman says yeah, she was railroaded just like this in the past. The judge asks him to forgo personal comments and Trask asks if Sami lied under oath. He gets angry and skirts the question until Trask gets permission to treat him as a hostile witness. He admits yes, Sami has lied in order to protect her son. Trask brings up Sami passing Lucas' son off as Austin's. This is stricken from the record but Sami mutters to Justin that the jury still heard it. Roman is forced to admit Sami's a liar. EJ arrives looking morose. Abe turns up and tells the DA there's new credible evidence. Trask requests a recess. Later, Justin goes to Sami's cell where they ponder what this could mean.

Stefano sees Kate at the square getting coffee. He says it's a wonderful day, but Kate disagrees since Sami's in court and Rafe's in therapy because of him. Stefano wonders if she ever really knew him.

Back at the hospital, Abby and Cameron share an awkward moment. In Rafe's room, Jordan compliments Rafe's progress. Rafe wonders where Kate could be and Jordan says, "My guess is Miss Roberts is berating the barista because the foam on your latte is not fun enough." Rafe gasps in shock that she has a sense of humor.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole's lie catches up with her.

Sami gets news that makes her hopeful.

Abe and Hope question Rafe.

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